Check Out 5 Things Masturbation Will Never Do To You

There are many myths surrounding the risks of masturbating. While many willfully indulge, others are perturbed about future repercussions. Interestingly, none of the myths have been proven yet it keeps resurfacing at all times with no scientific or medical evidence to show for it.

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Part of the myths of masturbation include: penis curvature, low sperm count, infertility, erectile dysfunction and
penis shrinkage. Others are mental illness, physical weakness, blindness, hairy palms and future impotence later in life. Those who indulge in secret, have found it an enjoyable exercise and will come up with any defence against the act, especially spiritual, morality based issue and feelings of guilt.

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One major factor that has led to masturbation is lack of sexual satisfaction in relationships, leaving couples with the ‘quick’ option. But the most common side effects are chafing or tender skin when done aggressively or continuously and may take days to heal. Another is the slight swelling of the penis called edema but dissolves after a couple of days, reduced sexual sensitivity, among others.

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Debunking myths on masturbation, a Medical doctor, @DrOlufunmilayo tweeted: “Masturbation does not cause blindness. Masturbation does not cause impotence. Masturbation does not shrink penis. Masturbation does not lengthen the penis. Masturbation is not a mental illness.” He added: “These are the facts on masturbation. But see a doctor if it affects your school or work.”

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