OMG! What Are These People Doing With Cutlasses At A Church? This Is Reckless And Scary

The video of members of a particular church fighting their 2019 spiritual battles with the cutlass their pastor asked them to bring to church, has gone viral. Acording to reports, this happened at the church’s cross over night on December 31st. Watch the video below;

Social media users had a lot to say on the viral video. Here are some comments gathered on the story;

“Hehehe I pity the floor because that’s the only thing being affected. People of little faith!!”

“Stupidity. How do u fight unseen spiritual problem with a “seen” physical cutlass.”

“Hmmmm if this happen 50yrs ago i will its illitrency or lack of exposure 2019 and my people are still living like bush men and cave men hmmm jesus wept.”

“This is madness u come to church with cutlass to do what? Is a church a farm land ? @daddyfreeze.”

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