Just In! Shocking Revelation Of God Fathers Bribing Oshiomhole

An online media out fit has revealed that as believe that oshiomhole might be a perpetrator but simply a victim in the crimes laid at his feet. Or perhaps is this is another ploy to win the Nigeria people sympathy!

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Adams Oshiomhole, has dismissed allegations that he collected bribes of about 80 million dollars to manipulate the outcome of the party primaries in some states and FCT.

Some aggrieved aspirants are accusing Oshiohmole of collecting various sums in bribery to twist the primaries. Speculations are also gaining currency that he was last week interrogated by the Department of State Service (DSS) over the outcome of the recently conducted APC primaries. An online media outfit which allegedly accused the APC chairman of collecting about 80 million dollars in bribes, however, reported that Oshiomhole had become a target after refusing 500,000 dollars bribe cash from one of the aggrieved APC governors. It reported that the affected governor had wanted the APC chairman to adopt his anointed governorship candidate.

“It was gathered that many godfathers and governorship candidates were desperate for tickets but Oshiomhole stood his ground that he will not compromise party guidelines,’’ it further stated. But, Oshiomhole, who spoke to State House correspondents after a closed door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, described the allegations of corruption against him as reckless insinuation.


“No tree that will bear fruits that will grow in Sahara desert and the fact the publisher of Sahara reporters himself is a presidential aspirant we would soon find out the difference between Sahara and its reporters, and a green forest and its reporters. “The unfortunate thing here, however, is that people, who specialize in libels they take advantage of our peculiar judicial system.

“When I was a governor in Edo state, they published all kinds of things against me. At a point I decided to go to court and my lawyer told me that I have to be ready to enter the witness box to make my case – whether I was ready to go through that humiliation. “What is in the governorship? Before I became the governor I entered the witness box and I know after being governor I can still go back there one day. So I went there and I won the case. They awarded damages in my favour.

“But by the time you want to check the process of the guy who libeled you and so on, he sales himself everything put together he could not compensate for by legal fee not to talk of really mitigating my paying as a result of the judgment,’’ he said. On the forthcoming campaign programmes of the APC, Oshiohmole revealed that the party’s campaign for the 2019 presidential election would focus on character and integrity of the key candidates.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Buhari is the APC presidential candidate while the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is presenting former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar as its candidate. According to the party chairman, the APC is fully ready to flag off the campaigns soon. He said: “We are fully ready, we have done with our primaries and filled our nominations. “As you know, INEC still has a window between now and first of January to deal with issues of substitution.

As of campaigns, we are ready. “We are going to announce the date and programme for our campaigns. My idea of kick-off will be the day we will do our first presidential rally where Mr President as our candidate and other candidates, party leaders will assemble in a venue that will be agreeable to all of us.

“There will be two sets of messages. One, on what we have done in the past, without failing to remind people of where we were before, what we are going to do in the next four years, and a couple of things we believe we will be doing differently. “President Buhari if compared to the rest of the candidates, there is no basis to compare day and night. The real issue in this election is not going to be religion.

It is not going to be about ethnicity. “Central to the issue and given our past experience as a country, we know that what makes a difference is the character, the issue of integrity of the candidates.’’ According to Oshiomhole, the campaign is going to be focusing on character and integrity of those who want to govern the country.

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What A Mess! Oshiomhole Value Drops To Zero Right Before Buhari

Despite last Saturday’s statement by the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole that his encounter with the Department of State Security Services, DSS, was not an arrest as being speculated, Saturday Vanguard learned that the forces against him were unfazed in the resolve to achieve preconceived objectives.

Already, exclusive reports by some influential online platforms had indicated that the DSS in its report to the Presidency, recommended the prosecution of Oshiomhole over its alleged findings. Saturday Vanguard could not confirm the veracity of the existence of the report from the DSS and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, but top party sources said there was nothing like that. They, however, said the protest against the Chairman at the office of Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC, and the said DSS report were part of the efforts of those opposed to Oshiomhole at achieving their aim.

One of the sources said the ultimate objective was to co-opt President Muhamadu Buhari in the anti-Oshiomhole camp. He said it would be difficult to get the President’s support for the move, adding that those against Oshiomhole had since lost the President’s support for failing to accept the solutions he (Buhari) proffered as the leader of the APC. In fact, he told Saturday Vanguard that there was a day the President asked one of the aggrieved governors, who was visiting him at the time, to speak to Oshiomhole on the phone in his presence so they could resolve the matter.


He added that instead of having the peace talk President Buhari suggested, the governor started insulting Oshiomhole on the phone, using unprintable words. This scene which happened in the presence of the President, was said to have lasted more than 30 minutes.   The scenario was said to have convinced the President that the aggrieved governor and others were being driven by self-interest. The source, who was even privy to the conversation Oshiomhole had with the DSS, said top party members and political office holders, have resolved to  defend the chairman. He noted that this support played out when Oshiomhole honoured the DSS invitation, adding that the party chieftains and public office holders immediately mobilised in solidarity, threatening to defend the national chairman at all costs.

Sources privy to the event told Saturday Vanguard  that the party members, who were taken unaware immediately mobilised to Oshiomhole’s Abuja residence when they got wind of the matter. Prominent among those, who immediately responded to the situation was a top presidency official in charge of the administrative workings of the government, a serving governor, and minister among others. The scandalized officials were said to have threatened that should the interrogation continue, they would not mind if their defence of Oshiomhole’s integrity led to the implosion of APC.


However, Saturday Vanguard further learned that contrary to insinuations that President Buhari had prior knowledge of the operation, the President and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo were called when it had ended. The duo were said to have been rattled that such treatment was meted to the party’s National Chairman. The incident, one of the sources said, was hatched by some top political office holders, who seem to have influence over some officials of the institution that was used.

The aim was to intimidate Oshiomhole into signing a resignation letter which would be presented to the public. To achieve this, he was presented with a series of allegations of financial impropriety allegedly made against him. Money from Lagos State governor The allegations included the collection of money from Lagos State governor, Mr. Akinwumi Ambode; senators; Kano State aspirants; Zamfara State aspirants and Imo State APC members among others. These accusations, which the source described as cheap, were brought before Oshiomhole, who was said to have punctured them with superior and logical responses. Saturday  Vanguard learned that Oshiomhole, who saw the claims as laughable and pedestrian, told them that it was illogical to suggest that he collected money from Ambode when the outcome of the primaries in Lagos was not even being challenged by the governor.

On the allegation of collecting money from senatorial aspirants, it was learned that the APC chairman considered it a cheap one since he did not succumb to the pressure of being financially induced by those seeking higher offices. APC primaries in Kano In fact, the source said the allegation implied that those behind the matter could go to any length in their bid to oust the National Chairman. The source, who said Oshiomhole’s response to the questions exposed the intelligence level of those, who made the allegations, said questioning him over APC primaries in Kano was needless. His reason was that Oshiomhole gave the party a new lease of life in Kano with the return of a former governor of the state, Ibrahim Shekarau to APC after Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso’s defection. Explaining further, the source said:



After A Major Betrayal, Gov. Amosun Delivers His Final Words On Oshiomhole

Ibikunle Amosun, governor of Ogun state, says he is not behind the troubles of  Adams Oshiomhole, national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), by the Department of State Services (DSS).
We earlier reported that Oshiomhole was detained and quizzed by the DSS after some APC governors alleged that he received bribes during the party’s primary elections.
The APC chairman was pressured to resign during the interrogation. He reportedly travelled out of the country after his encounter with the secret police.
Amosun fell out with the leadership of the party after it chose Dapo Abiodun as his state’s gubernatorial candidate. The governor’s preferred candidate is Abiodun Akinlade.
Speaking with journalists at the presidential villa after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday, Amosun said he does not “have to hide under a finger to fight” anyone.
“I think you are probably giving me an oversight role and I am not a security person, so clearly I think that question will not be for me. I don’t have to hide under a finger to fight,” the governor said.
“If there is need for me to put my views across, you know me by now that I will do it.”
When asked to comment on Oshiomohole’s reported trip out of the country, the governor said he is “not well suited” to respond to such a question.
“I have told you those things are beyond my pedigree and you are asking me questions that I am not well suited for,” Amosun said.
“The one that I have to talk about we have said it loud and clear that it doesn’t event need add anything.”

CRISIS!!! “APC Is A Party Of Hawks…….”- Aggrieved Women Of APC

Some aggrieved women of Edo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has passed a vote of no confidence on the National Working Committee of the party for allegedly promoting nepotism and tyranny in the party.

Image result for edo women ashes oshiomole

Speaking to journalists in Benin on Friday, the women accused the leadership of the party, led by its National Chairman and former governor of the state, Adams Oshiomhole, of allegedly subverting the aspirations of female party members with impunity. They also said that the controversial primaries conducted by the NWC “without recourse to equity, justice and fair play” exposed the APC as “a party of hawks, swallowing chickens as its prey.”

Related image

The coordinator of the aggrieved group and State Organising Secretary of the party, Aisosa Amadasun, noted that female aspirants across the state were not only subjected to harrowing experiences, by being charged exorbitant fees for the collection of nomination forms but also screened out, even when they were “eminently qualified.”

Image result for edo women ashes oshiomole

Amadasun lamented that about 10 women from the three senatorial districts were denied tickets by the national leadership of the APC, in spite of their sacrifices.

She said, “The level of impunity has assumed a frightening dimension under the leadership of our national chairman, who once prided himself as an apostle of change and the curative medicine to ‘godfatherism’.

Image result for edo women bashes oshiomole

“The primaries conducted so far by the leadership of the APC across the 36 states of the country are not only shameful, disgraceful, undemocratic, and a charade, but also threw many states into mayhem and shocked the foundation of the party and put it on the edge of a precipice.

“Any party that fails to recognize the inputs of women and rewards them with positions commensurate to their painstaking efforts to ensure victory is not only doomed but will suffer defeat.”



She, however, vowed that the women would no longer play second fiddle to the men who used them as “campaign tools”.

She also called on President Muhammadu Buhari to take pragmatic steps to remedy the injustice done to them, adding that proper reconciliation was needed to ensure victory for the party in the 2019 general elections.


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It would be recalled that the Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, and Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, on Thursday renewed their attacks on Adams Oshiomhole, the national chairman of their party, the All Progressives Congress. While Okorocha claimed the fortunes of the APC had witnessed a downturn since Adams Oshiomhole took over as national chairman, Amosun alleged that the party chairman and his cohorts were working towards handing over Ogun to “a gang of expansionists.”

Governor Amosun’s attack is contained in a statement written on his behalf by the state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Otunba Adedayo Adeneye, a copy of which was made available to our correspondent.

Image result for okorocha, amosun attacking oshiomhole

Amosun, who was reacting to Oshiomhole’s defense on the crisis rocking the APC following its recent primaries, noted that Oshiomhole had visited injustice on Ogun State by not allowing the wishes of the people of the state to stand.

The governor had reiterated that the only authentic governorship primary in the state was the one that produced Adekunle Akinlade. While he accused Oshiomhole of not abiding by the rules and guidelines of the party, he said his attempts to hide under “false claims about conscience and integrity are cheap.”

President Buhari Loses 5 Million Voters, As Adams Oshiomhole Gets Implicated In Shady Deals Ahead Of The 2019 General Elections

Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, has said that the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Adams Oshiomhole, is destroying the party, by his handling of the primaries, to select Candidates for the 2019 elections.
Okorocha dropped this bombshell in an interview with State House Correspondents, on Thursday, after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari.
When asked about his visit to Aso Rock, and what dey discussed, Okorocha said;
“Gentlemen of the Press, I am here to clear the air that the Presidency is behind what Oshiomhole is doing in some of the States, and which has affected our party negatively. And from my understanding from Mr. President, there is no such directive for Oshiomhole to do anything illegal, or create any sort of injustice. So, Oshiomole is on his own in this whole thing. There is no Presidency’s support for him to refuse Candidates who won elections, and give wrong Candidates who did not win elections. This is the matter, and I will simply say that he is not with the consent of the Presidency, he is on his own.
“I also requested that Oshiomole must learn to respect the rule of law, and obey court orders, where they apply. This issue of treating court orders as tissue papers must stop, it does not reflect well the image of our party; he must act quickly to fix the integrity of this party, because his coming in ought to have brought joy into the party and not sadness.”
Whan asked about APC disintegrating? The billionaire businneaman said;Well, APC will not disintegrate, for as long as the person, Muhammadu Buhari, is still the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and remains the Leader of this party. So, we cannot give that credit to the Chairman. He cannot disintegrate this party, the party is still intact, just that many people are hurt. Since his inception and after this primaries, we are losing almost five million voters, because of anger, protest everywhere, and he needs to be called to order, he has to respect the rule of law, respect court orders, and do the right thing – obey court orders where applicable, and not turn himself into INEC.
Q: Tomorrow is the last day for the submission of Candidates, what is the true position regarding Imo State. Is it that Oshiomhole is siding with Hope Uzodinma?
Okorocha: He cannot be standing on Hope Uzodinma, because that man did not win election, you cannot compare somebody who won 265,000 votes, with somebody who won 7,000 votes. He (Hope Uzodinma) never won the election, and you cannot impose a Candidate who is unacceptable to the people, that is how serious the matter is now. So he (Oshiomole) should do the right thing, and I have advised him severally to do the right thing, before he creates more disaffection in our party.
Q: It was reported today that the National Working Committee of the APC has submitted the name of Hope Uzodinma to INEC, what is the implication Sir?
Okorocha: He cannot! I do not think the National Working Committee will do that, because in the first place, the National Working Committee sent a 13-man delegation who conducted election, and 12 of them signed proving that Uche Nwosu won the election with 265,000 votes, as against Hope Uzodinma, who got less than 7,000 votes. So they cannot do that. And there is a letter to that effect from the National Working Committee, saying Uche Nwosu won. There is a Certificate of Return given to Uche Nwosu. There is a Police report saying Uche Nwosu won. There is INEC report saying Uche Nwosu won. So nobody can do that, and if they do that, that must be the worst imposition in the history of Nigeria.
Q: Yesterday, the National Leader of your party, Tinubu, came here and said Oshiomole is a good man, he is working well, and those who are angry should just join hands with him to build the party. Are you saying that Tinubu himself is supporting the wrong Candidate?
Okorocha: No, may be he is being misinformed, if he is properly informed, he will not say what Oshiomole is doing is the right thing.
Q: There is a rumor making the rounds that you are planning to join SDP?
Okorocha: SDP? How can I build a house and leave it for someone else? I am in APC, I founded the APC, I gave the name APC, and so, this is our party, and we must continue with the party and build the party for victory.

APC CRISIS: Amosun insist on chosen successors

Governors Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State and Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, yesterday, dismissed the tag of ‘bad losers’ put on them by the All Progressives Congress, APC, as they separately reiterated the determination to foist their chosen successors on the state, irrespective of the inclinations of the party leadership.

Their assertions came as associates of the National Chairman of the party, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, were yesterday, evolving strategies to frustrate moves by his antagonists to force a meeting of the National Executive Committee, NEC, of the party to force a no-confidence vote on Oshiomhole.

Image result for APC IN NIGERIA

In yet another daring challenge to Governor Amosun’s hegemony over the party in Ogun State, 276 councillors in the state, who form the base of the APC grassroots, defected from Amosun’s camp and pledged loyalty to Chief Dapo Abiodun, who was endorsed as the party’s candidate by the party leadership against the desire of Amosun.

The National Publicity Secretary of the party, Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu, had in an interview with newsmen on Wednesday, given a robust defence on the party’s position on issues pertaining to some of its aggrieved governors and party chieftains wherein he described them as bad losers.

Image result for Amosun

In his reaction, yesterday, Amosun was unwavering, vowing that nobody will stop his choice of  preferred successor, Abdulkabir Akinlade, emerging as the next governor of the state in 2019.

Related image

Amosun spoke at a town hall meeting on the 2019 budget at the Cultural Centre, Abeokuta. Amosun, who spoke in Yoruba, said the prayers of his opponents will not come to pass. He described the ticket with Abiodun as a stolen mandate, saying the issue was like a thief that stole the king’s trumpet.

Image result for Amosun

“Hon Akinlade will succeed me when I finish my tenure in May 2019, because, he is the only one who is capable of continuing from where I stopped in the infrastructural development of the state.

“We will win in every local government in the state, either Yewa, Ijebu, Abeokuta South, count them, we are ready for them, anywhere they go, we shall meet them there.

Image result for Amosun

“They cannot choose for the people; the people know the right candidate and that is Hon. Akinlade. “God has chosen Akinlade; he is the anointed candidate. He will read next year’s budget, and if I am invited, I will be here. “It is a case of a thief who stole the king’s trumpet (Kakaki), where will he blow it?”

ATTACKED! Oshiomhole attacks APC chiefs plotting his removal

The chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole has alleged that some powerful members in the party want to remove him.

According to Leadership, the APC chairman said accused those behind the plot of frustrating his plan to re-position the ruling party. Oshiomhole, according to the report, said that the aim of the aggrieved group is to pass a vote of no confidence on him.

Image result for Oshiomhole

A cross section of members of the ruling party have openly called for the APC chairman to resign. Recently, some APC presidential aspirants issued a statement calling for Oshiomhole’s resignation. According to the aspirants, the APC chairman lacks what it takes to solve the issues that have come up in various chapters of the party across the country.

They also accused him of working for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and purposely frustrating the ambition of young politicians in the ruling party. According to a statement signed by his media aide, Simon Ebebgulem, Oshiomhole said that the aggrieved party members want to cook up false narratives against him.

The statement said the stories being spread about Oshiomhole, “especially by one of the presidential aspirants on the platform of the party, Alhaji Mumakai Unagha, that the APC cannot win with Oshiomhole as published at page 42 of Saturday Vanguard of October 20, 2018, is therefore unfair, denigrating and baleful of Comrade Oshiomhole’s persona and commitment to a rejuvenated winning machine that the APC typifies.

Image result for Oshiomhole

“The totality of Unagha’s claims, without necessarily addressing them one after the other, tallies with cooked-up narratives being sponsored by some influential stakeholders in their respective states that Comrade Oshiomhole is responsible for all the problems in the APC at the moment.

“These influential stakeholders, according to grapevine, have begun to mobilise to pass a no-confidence vote in the leadership of Oshiomhole, having failed to impose their preferred candidates on the party in the nomination process”.

The statement also said that the APC chairman has begun to instill discipline in the party while ensuring party supremacy, promoting due process, dealing with impunity and executive arrogance.

 “Comrade Oshiomhole did not become national chairman of the governing party to bring it down a notch from the pedestal of its 2015 electoral victory let alone to preside over its liquidation.

Image result for Oshiomhole

“Rather, his single-minded goal, from the outset of his declaration of interest in the position, was to deploy his capacity in helping to strengthen and reposition the party as a truly supreme and disciplined political entity.

“Although, it might appear fortuitous to some persons that he became national chairman at the threshold of the 2019 general election; the truth is that there is no accident in predestination.

“We must appreciate the fact that it has pleased the Almighty God to place him in the saddle of APC leadership at this time for a purpose.

“The purpose has begun to manifest in its vast flourish and ramifications: instilling discipline, ensuring party supremacy, promoting due process, dealing with impunity and executive arrogance wherever they manifest to undermine intra-party electoral processes in the states,” the statement said.

Image result for Oshiomhole

“Again, we were not, in the least, deluded that the process of rebranding or rewriting the narrative of the four-year old party would be easy. What we are witnessing in the APC today is Comrade Oshiomhole’s adroit management of the strains and pains that accompany the birth of a resuscitated governing party.

“The leadership provided in the recently-held primary elections and the large-scale integrity of the processes are developments that should hence serve as exemplars in the administration of governing parties.

“Indeed, the message therein is very clear that the party, and not pseudo political empires in the states, has the power to superintend the primary elections for the nomination of the party’s candidates in the general election.

“While the party will not surrender its functions, which are constitutionally circumscribed, to any other entities, it will always be ready to moderate the divergent tendencies and mediate the disparate political camps in the interest of party cohesion.”

Related image

Oshiomhole also said that he has not taken any decision without consulting the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party.

He said “Overall, Comrade Oshiomhole has not, since stepping in the saddle, taken any unilateral decision in the running of the party affairs.  All decisions, so far taken, passed through the mills of NWC deliberative sessions and enjoyed unanimous resolutions. The records are there. History will justify Comrade Oshiomhole and posterity will vindicate him.

“Therefore, with eyes firmly fixed on the general election, especially the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari in the scheduled February 16 poll, Comrade Oshiomhole assures all stakeholders in the APC of his respect for them. He assures them of his readiness to work with them for the good of the party.

Confusion In Aso Rock As Adam Oshiomhole Reveals The Governors Who Want Him Out

The embattled national chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, says only one or two governors of the party are not comfortable with his leadership style.


The former Edo state governor said this while fielding questions from state house correspondents on the plot to oust him.

THISDAY had reported that 15 of the 21 governors of the APC have finalised the plot to remove him and are about forcing a national executive committee (NEC) meeting where he will be unseated.


But Oshiomhole said he had the backing of the president and over 90 percent members of the party on his side.

Buhari-APC Governors

He said the governors who were not impressed with his insistence that due process be followed are the one ganging up.

“The governor has publicly said he will ensure that I am removed. That’s fine. The beauty of democracy is that one or two may say something, but the majority is what matters,” he said.

“But even those two, if they reflect deeply, they’ll know that what I have done is to stubbornly insist that the rules must be obeyed. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Oshiomhole spoke shortly after Ibikunle Amosun, governor of Ogun state, accused him and some leaders of the party of hijacking the primaries in Ogun.

Amosun, had on Monday accused the National Chairman of colluding with “a cabal in Lagos” to write fake results which produced Dapo Abiodun as the party’s governorship candidate for the 2019 election.

He alleged the involvement of former governors Bola Tinubu (Lagos) and Segun Osoba (Ogun) in the alleged fraud, citing their silence on the matter as evidence of their consent to it.


“The President already knows there was no election in Ogun State. He knows that they just went to Lagos, write all results, and that what they did is fraud. If the National Working Committee or the National Chairman said there was any election in Ogun State, it was all fraud. That is what I said,” Mr Amosun stated.

Another aggrieved governor, Abdulaziz Yari, had also accused Oshiomhole of acting like a mini-god.




Oshiomhole gives reasons for disqualifying Buhari’s Minister from Taraba guber race

National chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has shed more light on the party’s decision not to allow Minister of a Women Affairs, Hajia Aisha Jummai Alhassan from contesting the party’s primaries.

Oshiomhole stated that the minister had recently made comments which put her loyalty to the party in doubt, the former Edo State governor stressed that total party loyalty is now on of the main requirement before a person is allowed to use the APC platform to contest for any public office, he said:

“as for the Honourable Minister of Women Affairs, she has issues that have to do with party loyalty. Our constitution is clear and it dictates that to contest elections or even hold office in the APC, you must be loyal to the party in every material concern.

“From all she had said in the past and even her comments and general attitude during the screening, the NWC reviewed everything taken together and we arrived at the conclusion that she does not possess the level of loyalty that the APC requires for her to contest elections on our platform.

“We made it clear when the defections happened that APC may well benefit from these defections if it helps us to be more critical in terms of who we give platform to contest elections and that there are core values that binds the APC together and they are non-negotiable.

“The Electoral Act and the APC constitution forbid anyone from being a member of more than one political party at a time.

“You cannot be a member of APC and be a card carrying member of another party but when you have a situation where it would appear, based on what you know and based on what I know that someone is probably APC in the day time maybe for the purpose of retaining certain offices and they are PDP at heart.

“Or if they are not PDP at heart, they are actually and simply a follower of a one-man permanent presidential candidate…then we have the right to ask ourselves if these attitudes and qualities are characteristics of an ideal member of an APC.

“So, those are the reasons. We did not want to have a lengthy explanation to do but she knows why she was disqualified and we know why we denied her the use of our platform.”

APC Primaries: Oshiomhole reads riot act to state chairmen, threatens to dissolve erring state excos

APC National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has warned state party chairmen not to show any form of favour to a particular individual during the party primaries in their various states.

Oshiomhole stated that the national body has the powers to disband any state exco that did not comply with the the party’s directives. He further warned that the chairmen should not compromise the standard the party lay down for the conduct of the primaries.

“If you do that, and it is not going to be secret, we will, without any hesitation disband the entire executive.
“The NWC has the power without giving reasons to disband any executive which in its opinion, is no longer fit and competent to represent the party in respective states.
“There is only one party known to law, and that is the APC, so, please, resist any temptation. We have seen embarrassment where people go on television canvassing positions of their governors or declaring one person as the sole
“You don’t have those powers, and if you do so, not only can you be dissolved, you can be prosecuted for breach of oath of office and oath of allegiance to the APC,” Oshiomhole said.