MUST READ: Detailed Reasons Why Jonathan Was Worse Than Buhari – Festus Keyamo

Spokesman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign, Festus Keyamo has explained why the last administration of PDP , led by Goodluck Jonathan was worse than the present administration of Muhammadu Buhari.

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He wrote:

I asked him when most of you were analyzing that heretic message that “Jonathan is fulfilling prophecy”. I asked a simple question: “Which prophecy is Ex- President Jonathan”? Pastor Bosun went ahead to say “even if the Islamic party (APC) presents a Christian Governor in Lagos, you must not vote for him, you must vote for the other party (PDP). Wait, who was using religion?
Ex- President Obasanjo removed Senate Presidents at will, removed any opposing voice, removed Fayose for a small insult, and removed Ladoja with thugs in Ibadan. Who are you calling “DICTATOR”? BUHARI.

Ex-President Obasanjo withheld Lagos State fund for 3 years, not minding how Lagosians would eat, Yaradua got there and released the fund.

NASS members were abusing President Buhari openly, messing up everything at will; Gov. Fayose has been abusing President Buhari for 4 years now. Not a single State in Nigeria has been denied their constitutional rights because of politics till date, all their funds, Paris fund and bail out, FAAC etc. But who is the DICTATOR? BUHARI.

Ex-President Jonathan ensured that NASS opposition members were locked out including Tambuwa the Speaker of the house. They had to climb gate to gain access.

Jonathan empowered OPCs in Lagos and they were destroying anything in Ikorodu to Ojota that looked like opposition party. Orga of DSS was used to invade APC secretariat, Journalist arrested and Newspapers siezed, we forgot all these….

Ekiti was militarised, Fayose was given power from Aso rock to order Military guys at will. Fayemi the incumbent at that moment was rendered powerless that he was shouting when Police commissioner was used by PDP and a guy was shot…All these videos and pictures are still here (google is your friend). But who is the dictator? BUHARI!

Ex-President Jonathan met FX+ECA at $62 billion+. He DEPLETED it to less than $30 Billion in 5 years Jonathan sold crude oil for 5 years at an average of $100 per barrel of 2.2 million daily (2010-2014). Did he add a DIME to Nigeria purse in 5 years? NO.

Buhari the ILLITERATE sold oil at an average of $50 of less than 700,000 barrel at some points because of militancy, yet had moved that FX to $47 Billion in 3 years.

Don’t say how much did he borrow if you don’t even have the figure borrowed between 2010-2015 without adding a dime to FX.

Jide Omokore, Aluko and oil goddess Alinson made an oil deal of N1 trillion and chose not to remit to Nigeria under GEJ. Did anyone raise eyebrow?

INTEL of Ex-Vice President Atiku refused to remit to Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), not until last year that “ordinary” Hadiza the NPA boss challenged INTEL and insisted the funds must be remitted.

A Christian Professor had been leading JAMB all through Obasanjo to Jonathan yet for 40 years of JAMB; only N52 Million was remitted to FG.

A Muslim Professor who was appointed just in two years of handling JAMB remitted over N15 Billion. FIFTEEN BILLION. So who is following after righteousness?
For five years of Okonjo Iweala was paying over 45,000 ghost workers unabated, yet just within 3 years, “ordinary” Kemi Adeosun removed such nonsense… I ask again who is more effective?
Ordinary Abuja metro lane took 11 years from OBJ period that he INITIATED it… Ordinary intra-city metro lane o, but President Buhari that finished is within 3 years is the failure abi?

“Which project did President Buhari INITIATE and COMPLETE in 3 years yen-yen-yen”.

Mention any major project INITIATED AND COMPLETED in 3 years of Ex-President Obasanjo, or Ex-President Yar’Adua or Ex-President Jonathan?

So on what parameters are you using to judge 3 years of President Buhari INITIATING AND COMPLETING? Even PDP can’t finish their own secretariat let alone that which belong to NIGERIA.

Lagos-Ibadan road since Ex-President Obasanjo era till Ex-President Jonathan could not be finished. In 3 years of President Buhari, the road is receiving serious attention. Ask those who ply that road and those who go for Holy Ghost Congress monthly about
the difference in pace of work.

Wait, even Otuoke road in Bayelsa had to wait till President Buhari now starts to do the road. Who is the failure? Can it be BUHARI!

What about “Almajiri School in the North? WHERE exactly are these Schools SITUATED in the North? OK, show us the picture.

Emm, 2nd Niger Bridge? Lol, they completed it on the MAP, yet Fashola is on it PHYSICALLY now.

Did Buhari fail on security issue in Benue? YES. Did others before him fail on the same security issue in Benue? YESSS. So where did you get all these noise of “Fulani President” is helping herdsmen?
Who was the President during Jos crisis, herdsmen killing people in Zamfara in 2013, Odi massacre, Kaduna crisis? You think death suddenly started because President Buhari was a Fulani man? That he failed in that is one thing, but that YOU are making a narrative of “Fulani President” is giving herdsmen power is funny.
January 1, 2018 in Omoku, Rivers State, Christians were coming from Church; cultists from the South South killed their own people. You know why there was no serious noise by CAN and you? You could not link it to President Buhari’s herdsmen or Fulani herdsmen. The same WIKE that did not drop a million to support the families of those bereaved in his constituency (State) went to Benue State to donate N20 Milliion and you hailed him
Kidnapping of School children in Lagos; Badoo issue in Lagos; Crisis in Kaduna.

Who did you call on? Ambode the Governor of Lagos and El-Rufai of Kaduna.

When crisis happened in River State and Benue State, who did you shout about? President Buhari the herdsmen. What about your Bishops, Pastors and Imans that made Aso Rock their abode between 2010-2015? What did they negotiate for the body of Christ or common citizens? Yes, they got their jets; they got waivers and Universities all PERSONAL.

Now that the tap to fuel their jets and lifestyles had stopped, all they tell you from the pulpit is “LIES and Prophelying“. Your anointed ones keep saying ANNOYING THINGS, yet you can’t query their lies?

Wait, I remember again your problem with President Buhari fighting corruption selectively. So, mention ONE name among those in EFCC case without a case to defend. If your hero Presidents had fought corruption with one leg, by now shebi it is the second leg that President Buhari will be fighting.

So what is your problem with the corrupt facing the music? Oh, how about blablablabla. If President Buhari did not catch them, somebody else will. But stop crying in defence of the corrupt being asked to face the music. If your uncle is corrupt, tell him to face it, and stop shouting how about other thieves.

I know you lost your job because Ex- President Jonathan lost out and your job with Mama Patience was terminated. But stop using your personal loss as a yardstick for Buhari’s achievement.

Under your hero, several young Nigerians were SCAMMED by Boro collecting money from them for Job, in the process killing many young Nigerians. Ex-President Jonathan cannot even sack him. So what do you want the families of those who died when Ex-President Jonathan scammed them of Jobs to do? Stop crying and face life.

For your information, all those lies about “hidden agenda” can only fly on you because they know you are biblically illiterate. I even saw somebody hailing Femi-Fani Kayode for being the voice for the Church. Haaaaaa, abomination. Abeg make I stop, come dey collect your abuses in packs. After all your abuse, na President Buhari I go still vote for.

Festus Keyamo (SAN)

Ally of ex President Goodluck Jonathan reveals why he pulled out of PDP

One of the allies of former Nigerian President and the candidate of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, for the Bayelsa East Senatorial District, Senator Nimi Barigha-Amange, said he pulled out PDP because of the “undemocratic manner in which the primaries were conducted,” and “hand-picking of candidates.”

Senator Amanse is one of the founding members of the PDP and a close ally of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Senator Amange who also deny reports in some quarters that he was being sponsored by former President Goodluck Jonathan to scuttle the chances of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the forth coming general elections in the state, said the PDP in the state is “drowning,” the Vanguard reported.

In a statement in Yenagoa, Senator Amange stated that it was disrespectful and uncharitable for some people in the state to drag former President Jonathan into the crisis of PDP in the state to score cheap political points under the guise of politics.

He said: ” After the PDP primaries, I voluntarily withdrew my membership of PDP because of the undemocratic manner in which primaries were conducted.

The PDP should blame itself for hand-picking its candidates instead of blaming it on others. Crying foul and insinuating that I am being used by Jonathan to cause political unrest in the PDP is ridiculous and disrespectful.

“The party is already drowning in Bayelsa State and should not apportion blame on the person of former President Goodluck Jonathan who is internationally recognized as a symbol of democracy.


People should desist from using the name of Jonathan to score cheap political points under the guise of politics.”

THE FOUR PLUS FOUR CAMPAIGN TEARS PDP APART!! How Tinubu’s master strategy is causing Atiku, Saraki problems

The 2019 election is around the corner with most candidates putting finishing touches to their strategy, in some cases, the strategy is already in full flight and it is currently yielding results. That is the case with the approach of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the President Buhari reelection campaign headed by former Lagos State Governor, and the national leader of the party, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The PDP on the other hand seem to have played their cards early and showed their hands too soon, the party look to generate an early buzz before the election and maintain it for a long time, possibly well into the primaries and the general election, something from the 2014/2015 campaign playbook that worked so well and very effective against former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The strategy was simple, they raise lots of dust regarding the Buhari campaign, cause the public to take notice and gain sympathy by consistently castigating the Buhari administration, then cause a major stir by defecting in large numbers to the PDP in protest against the president.

The strategy worked like a charm in 2015, the APC was able to maintain the momentum against the might and financial strength of the Jonathan administration. This time it has not been so successful, mainly because of one thing, the Atiku, Saraki group don’t have Bola Tinubu in their corner.

Despite the success of the PDP in causing a stir and capturing the attention of the public, the party have not been able to maintain the momentum like the APC did back in 2015, the reasons for that is multi-faceted, it could be that the party is not as financially buoyant like the opposition were four years earlier, it could be that the branding mechanism that helped Buhari back then is now outdated and they are struggling to update it, it could also be as a result of a general apathy in the country.

But it can be argued that what is missing in the opposition this time is the strategy master class of Bola Tinubu, the former governor is well trained in playing opposition politics and being mostly domiciled in Lagos, he was able to acquire several experts whom he used to help brand and propel the Buhari to victory in 2015, he has access to both financial and human resources, something the PDP cannot boast of at the moment due to certain restriction which had been carefully put in place to stifle how they can throw money around.

Tinubu have been working on the Buhari reelection campaign long before it was made public, the Jagaban watch as the PDP strategy unfolds then he launched a counter attack of his own, however, unlike the in 2015, the campaign is not about making so much noise, instead, a subtle construction of election structures were put in place.

After the mass defection, by members of the APC to the PDP, there have been key defections to the other side without much fanfare, but that is the point, those moving to the APC are key members of the opposition who hold some strategic positions.

One of the most recent is the defection of the PDP Deputy National Chairman, North, who was recently welcome to the party by President Buhari.

“President Buhari receives in audience new entrant into APC, former Deputy National Chairman (North) of PDP, Senator Babayo Garba Gamawa, and Hon. Kaulaha Aliyu alongside Bauchi State Governor in the State House on 8th January, 2019,” a statement from the Presidency reads.

Also two former Chairmen of the PDP also moved to the APC during a campaign rally in Bauchi, they were also welcomed personally by president Buhari.

“Since my political career, Bauchi State has always stood with me by voting massively for me at every turn of my political endeavour. I thank you very much for your support, and plead with you to support me again.

“My government has fought corruption, improved the economy and secured the lives of Nigerians. I welcome all defectors and urge them to work for the success of our party in the forthcoming elections,” Buhari said.

But what could prove to be more damning for Atiku is the fact that he is unable to gain much traction in the North East region which happens to be his area, apart from his home state of Katsina, the former Vice President cannot guarantee victory in most North East states.

Indeed, as the APC campaign train storm Gombe State, which happen to be in the North East, the PDP candidate in the Governorship election, perhaps realizing he stands at a disadvantage was pictured endorsing President Buhari for a second term in office. There can be no better indication of the direction things are going than that.

The PDP may have fired the first shot, but a Tinubu managed campaign is a bigger problem than they can hope for and it seem he is nipping the PDP structure in key areas layer by layer. Don’t be surprise the here of more high profile defections just before the elections.

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EXPOSED!! True Reasons Behind Nnamdi Kanu- Why IPOB was formed, sponsors and endgame

A decade ago, when Nigerians talk about Biafra, they generally look at such organisations like the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) was not in existent.

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However, despite its claims of existing long before 2015, the group burst into limelight after Mohammadu Buhari was sworn in as President following his win over then incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.

IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu came into national prominence through his radio Biafra and spoke to the nationalistic thinking of the people of the South East who felt they have the short end of the stick in the latest political equation of the country.

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Igbo Politicians were mostly left out of the running of things in the country, a political blunder by President Buhari who perhaps should have worked to bring the region into his administration despite having his very least number of votes from that place.

However, perhaps succumbing to demands from those who worked for his victory decided to adopt another strategy when dealing with the South East, though constitutionally bound to have at least one minister from each state, Buhari left out the region in key appointments into the Federal cabinet.

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Instead, he decided to appeal to the people of the area directly by embarking on infrastructural development which even his most ardent critics have commended. However, that seem inconsequential on the balance of things and politicians will do what it takes to get the attention of the President, indeed the nation to get they need.

In came Nnamdi Kanu. The charismatic orator took what he perceived as the Buhari bias and amplified it, he got a resounding result, so much so that he was smuggled into the country and got a rousing welcome when he got to Lagos, he attained the status of a celebrity, something like a hero status.

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Being and intelligent man, he made effort to give his struggle some religious dimension, realizing he was not going to get the necessary support from the established religions in the country, and going traditional will offend the sensitivity of most of his audience who are mostly Christians, he seized on the age old saying that that Igbos are the Jews of Africa because of their propensity to travel and settle in any parts of the world.

Kanu used this to stress that his people are a direct descendant from the Jews and they are some kind of lost Hebrew tribe. Instantly he got the reception he needed, no better way to radicalize people than to make them believe their mission was somehow decreed by God.

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After his arrest and release and subsequent escape from the country, Kanu went on a years’ radio silence only to resurface again, this time in Israel only a few months to the general elections. Indeed, his return fit perfectly well with the party primaries and when candidate were being decided for key political position.

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Before then, he had called on his followers to boycott the general elections, he first did so during the 2017 Anambra gubernatorial election then he did so again in 2018 telling people of the South East not to vote in the coming elections.

Though is comments during his later declaration took a more general tone, he said:

“I wish to appeal to every suffering person, you must ignore the established propaganda and join IPOB to boycott Nigeria elections.

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“If you are tired of the massacre and pains in Nigeria, you must boycott elections. Those of you who want restructuring, employment, then you must boycott elections. “But Biafra will be different. I am not stopping you from joining us in the Biafra quest. I want my people to be free.”

That idea has since changed, though he seem to be appealing to the generality of Nigerians, he was careful enough not to deviate from his core purpose. Now in his latest comment, Kanu seem to have soften on the boycott message, he actually called for his followers to go out in large numbers to vote in two South Eastern States.

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He said; “Because we said we are not going to vote doesn’t mean we can’t mobilise to have you voted out.

“That’s what will happen in Abia and Ebonyi. Perhaps if we keep quiet all the time, they’ll think, since they’re not going to vote does it really matter?.”

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It is expected that his tone will soften even further in the coming weeks for one reason. Numbers.  The South East have a man running for the position of Vice President, the PDP took a huge Political gamble by fielding Peter Obi as Atiku’s running mate. Despite the bravado, the South East can only boast of just over 7 million registered voters, just a little above the same amount in Lagos, the Atiku campaign will need at least half of those voters to show up on election day and cast their votes preferably for him else the gamble is not worth it.

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Also, a low turnout could hurt the chances of an Igbo President in 2023, particularly if a party field a Muslim candidate from the South West. The South East vote in this election is an insurance policy for 2023, that is the endgame. So for all is call for Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu is actually a Nigerian politician.

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EFCC put Okupe behind bars for receiving 35 Million from Dasuki under Jonathan’s reign

A former aide to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, has been arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission at the Federal High Court, Maitama. Okupe, was arraigned before Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu, in Abuja.

He was arraigned along with two companies, Value Trust Investment Ltd and Abrahams Telecoms Ltd, over allegations of fraud. According to a statement from the anti-graft agency, Okupe was charged with 59 counts bordering on “money laundering and criminal diversion of funds” to the tune of N702 million.

One of the counts read: “That you, Dr Doyin Okupe, being the Senior Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan from July 2012 to May 2015, and being the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, and a signatory to the bank account of Abrahams Telecoms Ltd, on or about the 3rd October, 2014 in Abuja within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court, directly took possession or control of the sum of N35 million, transferred to the account of Abrahams Telecoms Ltd from the account of the Office of the National Security Adviser with the Central Bank of Nigeria purporting to be for special services when you reasonably ought to have known that the said fund formed part of the proceeds of an unlawful activity”.

Okupe who is also a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), however, pleaded “not guilty” to the charges.

2019!!! Great Victory For Atiku, Goodluck Jonathan Mentioned, As PDP Hires Very Powerful INEC Official, Allegedly

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been accused of trying to gain victory for their Presidential flagbearer, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar by hiring a former Chairman of the national electoral body in Nigeria, Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC) as their election consultant ahead of the elections which begin in less than thirty-five (35) days.
The accusation, which was made by the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Yekini Nabena, during a meeting with journalists in Abuja, said that the plan is to use INEC Officials loyal to the former INEC Chairman, and under his payroll, to compromise the system from within and help the opposition party score a victory in the polls.
Yekini, who had earlier accused the PDP of plotting to rig the elections with the help of Russian hackers, did not reveal the name of the former INEC chairman but instead challenged the opposition party and Atiku to deny his accusations even as he called on all relevant authorities to investigate how true his allegations were.
In his words, “Following the exposure of the PDP’s initial plot to use Russian Hackers to compromise INEC servers, the PDP has now hired a former INEC Chairman, as an Election Consultant. This INEC Chairman was notorious for rigging elections for the PDP, over the years.
He was then asked for his comments on the commotion that followed the appointment of Mrs Amina Zakari, who many believe is related to President Muhammadu Buhari, as the Chair of the INEC ad hoc Committee on the National Collation Centre for the 2019 elections, and he replied by asking Nigerians not to be deceived by the PDP-sponsored protest, and fake news over her appointment because not only was she not related to the President but her appointment was actually done by the immediate past president of the country and member of the PDP, Goodluck Jonathan.
He said, “The baseless protest is a ploy to create a distraction for their (PDP’s) election rigging and hacking plans. PDP has deliberately chosen to be blind to the fact that Mrs. Zakari is not a blood relation of the President, as it alleged. In fact, her appointment was done by former President, Goodluck Jonathan. Besides, INEC has publicly stated the roles of its recently inaugurated adhoc Committees. The Collation Centre Committee chaired by Zakari, is in charge of operational logistics of the Centre, such as electricity, internet, live transmission, as well as accreditation for access to the ICC, and security of the venue.”
He then went on to add that the committee headed by Zakari is not saddled with the actual collation of results because the only person who can decide the validity of votes was the Chairman of INEC who is also the Returning Officer for the Presidential election.
Now less talk a bit about Hajiya Zakari. Her position in the INEC does matter a whole lot because even though she may not be related to the President by blood but he lived in her household as a protégé. A little check shows that Hajiya Zakari’s father, the late Emir of Kazaure in Jigawa State, Alhaji Hussaini Adamu, was the husband of Buhari’s elder biological sister and he lived with them for quite sometime.
While she may have been appointed for the post of INEC National Commissioner under former President Goodluck Jonathan, it is also said that she was recommended for the position by Buhari.
Ordinarily, the close relationship between the President and Hajiya Zakari might not necessarily affect the way she would do her job. But the perception that her retention in the Commission and appointment to head the Collation Panel would damage the credibility of the election is overwhelming. In matters of electoral integrity, perception is everything. Unfortunately, we are embracing the oncoming general elections with this heavy burden.
Recall that the PDP reported Zakari, INEC and President Buhari to the European Union ahead of the February 16 and March 2, elections because of their claim that she is a niece to candidate of the APC, President Muhammadu Buhari and cannot be fair to other candidates.
Addressing the European Union Election Observation Mission in Nigeria 2019, the Spokesman of the PDP, Kola Ologbondiyan said that the mistake PDP made was to have allowed the All Progressives Congress (APC) that “has no business in governance” to take over government.
“Amina Zakari should not be found anywhere near the process. We have made our position known to INEC because there will be a direct conflict of interest.“The PDP as a party does not believe in violence, but would like the Presidency and INEC to conduct free and fair election, outside of this, we will not agree.”
“President Muhammadu Buhari is paying lip service to free, fair and transparent election. He refused to assent to the Electoral Amendment Bill. We are convinced that the President was never prepared for free and fair election. PDP as a party does not believe in violence, but would like the Presidency and INEC to conduct free and fair election. Outside of this, we will not agree.”
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TENSION in The North: Yakubu Dogara Blasts Northern Elders For Being Biased

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has accused the elders in northern Nigeria of bias as they have refused to raise their voices against insecurity as they did during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

He made the call while addressing supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at a rally on Thursday in Lafia, the Nasarawa State capital.

Dogara said, “On the issue of insecurity, all of us know what is happening in Borno and, unfortunately too, between Abuja and Kaduna, as well as in Zamfara, Katsina, Nassarawa, Benue, Plateau, and even Sokoto states.”

“Now, I cannot even mention all because it is a general problem in the county, but I was highlighting the states where the problem is more endemic as of now. The issue is this when this thing was going on under Jonathan, we had Borno elders always speaking. Where are the Borno elders now?” he questioned.

He added, “Where are the leaders of Northern Nigeria now that this problem has become endemic? What are they saying now? Are we not guilty of what we allow?

“The truth is that if we don’t rise up to the endemic challenges now, sooner than later if things continue this way, we are not going to have a country. So it is our responsibility to rescue Nigeria from the clutches of insecurity. Without security; we would not have a meaningful democracy.”

The Speaker said the alleged silence of the leaders on insecurity in the region could be taken as enabling the poor management of security in the country.

He condemned the purported elevation of some public office holders, saying those praising them were bringing destruction upon the country.

“Just like my last speech to Nigerians that were gathered in a rally like this in Gombe, I said that the 2019 general elections are not about President Muhammadu Buhari, it’s not about Atiku Abubakar; but I said it is about you who are gathered here and it will be a referendum on insecurity and hunger in this land,” Dogara recalled.
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“The sad reality in Nigeria is that by our silence we have condoned those who have been unable to effectively tackle the insecurity in the nation. We have wittingly become enablers of evil.”

The lawmaker stated further, “You know what enablers do? Enablers don’t build a country, only courageous people do. What enablers do is that they instigate the worship of individuals and the office they occupy; they will confuse such an individual with accolades.

“You know none of us was built to receive worship, anyone who attempts to receive worship will meet destruction in his wake. So that is why we are witnessing destruction in Nigeria because we have elevated some human beings to the status of God.”

EXPOSED!! How Northern elders conspired against Jonathan in 2015- “Speak the truth”- Dogara insists

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, have accused Northern elders of not speaking out against President Buhari like they did against President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015.

The speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has challenged northern elders to raise their voices against insecurity in the region “just as they did during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan”. Mr Jonathan hails from Bayelsa, South-south Nigeria, while the current president, Muhammadu Buhari is from the north-west. The speaker, who stated this in Lafia, Nasarawa State at the campaign of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday, noted that the elders’ silence on insecurity in the region could be taken as enabling the poor management of security in the country, especially in the north.

He condemned “sycophants” who elevate some public office holders to the status of “god”, saying such attitude brings destruction upon the country. He called on all Nigerians to rise up and rescue the country from the clutches of insecurity. “Just like my last speech to Nigerians that were gathered in a rally like this in Gombe, I said that the 2019 general elections is not about President Muhammadu Buhari, it’s not about Atiku Abubakar, but I said it is about you who are gathered here and it will be a referendum on insecurity and hunger in this land,” he said. “On the issue of insecurity, all of us know what is happening in Borno and, unfortunately too, between Abuja and Kaduna, as well as in Zamfara, Katsina, Nassarawa, Benue, Plateau and even Sokoto States.

“Now, I cannot even mention all because it is a general problem in the county, but I was highlighting the states where the problem is more endemic as of now. “The issue is this, when this thing was going on under Jonathan, we had Borno elders always speaking. Where are the Borno elders now?” he asked.

“Where are the leaders of Northern Nigeria now that this problem has become endemic? What are they saying now? Are we not guilty of what we allow? Are we not responsible for the killings?” he added. He said it was sad that Nigerians have condoned evil for so long while they elevate certain political office holders higher than the welfare of the nation. The speaker said the forthcoming 2019 election will be a referendum on many issues, including education which he said has not been given the attention it deserves. He said by allowing schools to shut down under the name of strike, “the government has thrown teeming Nigerian youth into idleness and slowed down their progress”.

“It’s been said that if you want to destroy a community, state or nation, don’t even fire shots or bring the crisis that is being perpetrated by Boko Haram, don’t even bring nuclear bomb, all you need to do is to lower the standard of education in that community, state, or nation. Once you succeed in doing that, you’ve killed the nation. “So many of us may not understand what I’m implying, but right now in Nigeria, the university lecturers are on strike. If it was a decent government that is committed to the future of this country, it wouldn’t take one week to resolve this problem, but unfortunately, through ineptitude the strike is allowed to fester.”

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Africa’s Hero Of Democracy, Goodluck Jonathan, Caught Campaigning Against Atiku Abubakar’s PDP, Ahead Of 2019 Elections

Kinsmen of former President, Goodluck Jonathan, on Tuesday, have insisted that the ex-President and his wife, Patience Jonathan, are working against Candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the forthcoming elections, in Bayelsa State.



The kinsmen, under the aegis of the Ogbia Renaissance, said that a report in one of the National Dailies, is a vindication of their earlier position that the former President is engaging in a plot to subvert his own political party, for selfish considerations. The Chairman, Mr. Obhioru Mitanoni, noted that Jonathan, his wife, A.J. Turner, and other PDP Chieftains, are engaging in anti-party activities, ahead of the Legislative elections in the State.


The group had in an earlier statement, alleged that Jonathan was secretly sponsoring Candidates of other parties, including the All Progressives Congress, APC, Accord Party, AP, and the African Democratic Congress, ADC, against those of his party, the PDP, in Bayelsa State. Mitanoni maintained that the action of the former President, was what caused a disagreement between him and the State Governor, Seriake Dickson. He alleged that Jonathan was backing a former Chief of Staff, Samuel Ogboku, of the APC, for the House of Representatives, and Senator Nimi Amange, who defected to the ADC, to contest the Bayelsa East Senatorial election.



He stressed that the former President opted to support Candidates of other parties, because his Candidates in the PDP failed to win the last party primaries. Mitanoni disclosed that it is sad that the former President took “the display of political pettiness to a disgusting low, unbefitting of his status as a former President of the country and National Leader of the PDP.”


He pointed out that Jonathan is acting against his status, by deciding who becomes a Councilor, Local Government Chairman, and House of Assembly Member in his native, Ogbia. Mitanoni noted that rather than playing the role of a Statesman at the National and International level, Jonathan would “rather opt to demonstrate his lack of capacity for inclusive leadership.”


He said that it was regrettable that Jonathan was backing Candidates of other parties, through his wife and Turner, while pretending not to know the anti-party activities of his minions.



He called on the Chairman of the PDP, Uche Secondus, to take urgent steps to avert an impending disaster threatening the electoral fortune of the PDP, in the next elections.


However, the ex-President’s Media Aide, Ikechukwu Eze, in a statement, said that there is no truth in the claim that Jonathan is engaging in anti-party activities. He said: “It is manifestly dishonest, deceitful, and preposterous, for anybody to suggest that former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, is working against the interest of the party, under which he rose to occupy the highest office in the land.”

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BUSTED! Saraki accuses Jonathan of Oil theft, plus video evidence

Senate President Bukola Saraki has alleged that there is massive fraud within the oil sector. In an interview, the lawmaker said applying subsidy on assumption that Nigeria consumes fifty million litres (50million litres) of fuel a day, is fraudulent.

Saraki said in the Jonathan administration subsidy was based on an assumption that the nation consumes 30 million litres of fuel daily. He added that he and some other lawmakers warned that the Jonathan government was condoning corruption “by over importing fuel and because of that we were losing a lot of money”.

The Senate President said the present government instead of changing the process, jerked up the importation by 20 million litres extra. He said, “you would have thought that a government that was to fight corruption and prevent leakages would even if you are going to continue subsidy, ensure that it is better managed.”

Saraki said there is no way Nigerians can consume 50million litres a day, “it is just money being stolen,” he alleged.

He further argued that there is almost no way that President Muhammadu Buhari is not aware of what is going on within his government, stressing that the Senate has investigated the issue but “we have an environment where agencies of government are emboldened to disregard the National Assembly, it is a big issue”.

The director general of the Atiku/PDP presidential campaign said the lawmakers have called for the inclusion of subsidy in the budget but that request has lingered for two years and President Buhari has only just agreed to bring it in. He said, “This kind of decisions have led to leakages and this is the root of corruption”.