Stringent actions must be imposed on corrupt people, Buhari urges again

President Muhammadu Buhari currently attending the Paris Peace Forum has called for stringent actions against perpetrators of illicit financial flows.

He also called for a crackdown on safe heavens of such perpetrators.


Mr Femi Adesina, the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, in a statement in Abuja, said Buhari made the call at the first edition of the Paris Peace Forum, held on the sidelines of the Centenary of Armistice Day.

Buhari warned that continuous impunity would encourage more pilfering of countries’ resources to the detriment of poor and vulnerable populace.

The President said Nigeria had strengthened its laws and institutions to fight corruption, fast-track recovery of stolen assets and punish offenders, urging more commitment from governments and international institutions.

He delivered his statement on “Illicit Financial Flows (Iffs) and Corruption: The Challenge of Global Governance’’ during the event, attended by about 70 world leaders and governments.

He said: “We must crack down on safe havens for corrupt assets.

“I also advocate sanctions by professional bodies against transactional middlemen (lawyers, bankers, brokers, public officials, etc.) who facilitate Illicit Financial Flows.

“I would like to reiterate that the Government of Nigeria remains open and is ever willing to continue to identify and share experiences and strategies to give life to the ideas that will lead to winning the fight against corruption.’’

The Nigerian leader noted that illicit financial flows posed a risk to the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


According to him, this is so as many countries grapple with the challenge of gathering resources to improve their Human Development Index, while a few privileged individuals continue to explore the weaknesses in financial systems.

“Our experience in Nigeria is that financial crimes, such as corruption and fraudulent activities, generate enormous unlawful profits which often prove so lucrative that the threat of a jail term is not sufficient to deter perpetrators.

“A more powerful deterrent is to ensure that profits and assets generated from illicit financial flows and corruption are recovered and returned to countries of origin.


“This is not to under-estimate the value of strong institutions. It only indicates that asset recovery represents significant deterrence compared to the traditional focus on obtaining conviction by the law enforcement agencies of the countries of origin,’’ he said.

The President urged world leaders and global institutions to remain resolute on the Global Declaration Against Corruption made in London in 2016.

He observed that the declaration had encapsulated the collective commitment to the principles of Open Government Partnership, especially the National Action Plans to actualize beneficial ownership transparency and enhance the capacity of Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs).


Buhari said the Independent Reporting Mechanisms and support for the activities of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes should be reinforced.

“As we take stock of the strengths and weaknesses of domestic, regional and international mechanisms against Illicit Financial Flows, I seize this opportunity to recall the Global Declaration Against Corruption made in London in 2016 and our commitment thereto,’’ he added.

He said said tremendous progress had been achieved through the enactment of global instruments, noting that some fundamental technical issues remain unresolved.

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“These revolve around the formulation of policy and regulatory frameworks that cut across different jurisdictions.

“We must not lose sight of the role played by secret companies, banks and law firms, all too often based in developed economies and their related offshore centres.

“Recent studies reveal that flaws in the global financial system enable corrupt individuals to hide details of their financial dealings under the noses of governments and law enforcement agencies.

“This underscores the need to urgently address the issue of Mutual Legal Assistance, as well as continental legal frameworks, in the context of safe havens for illicit transfers,’’ he said.


The president disclosed that the Whistle-Blowing policy had facilitated recovery of billions of naira from corrupt persons, which had been redirected to the development of critical infrastructure and programmes that would benefit all Nigerians and realisation of the SDGs.

At the continental level, the President said the African Union had bestowed on him the honour to champion the fight against corruption across the continent.

He, therefore, assured that this task would be focused on strengthening international cooperation on asset tracing, recovery and repatriation, and enhancing cooperation between the African Union and the United Nations’ anti-corruption monitoring mechanisms.

People tease Buhari for his “twin brother” Jubril, and comment the one who urges anti-corruption is not real Buhari.

See How Much Lai Mohammed Said Nigeria Saved From Foreign Trips, Souvenirs

The Nigerian government is counting its blessings as a result of fight against corruption.

The Federal Government says in an effort to fight corruption, it has saved over N17 billion from foreign trips, sitting allowances and souvenir gifts usually shared during events.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, disclosed this at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) forum on Tuesday in Abuja.

Mohammed said that the present administration introduced an efficiency unit in the Ministry of Finance to ensure that the resources of government were not frittered on trivialised grants.

According to him, the fight against corruption must not be based on the number of people that are jailed or prosecuted, but on efforts made to curtail corruption.

“We promised that we are going to fight corruption; people keep asking us what is your score card in corruption?

“Our score card in corruption must not be looked at just from the view point of how many people have been arrested; how many have been prosecuted and how many have been jailed.

“In addition to whatever achievement we must have made in that respect, I think what is most important for the main time is the efforts this government has put in place to ensure that there is transparency in governance.

“This is to ensure that the resources of government actually go to government account and to ensure that it is actually used for the purpose of what it’s meant for.

“And I will start with the TSA; the Treasury Single Account we did not invent it; we met it,’’ he said.

Mohammed further said that before the present administration took over power, TSA was haphazardly implemented to the extent that about 22,000s of various government accounts were in various banks.

“And we were paying heavy charges to banks; not that alone, we could not know exactly how much money we had to allocate it.

He also said that another thing the administration had done in fighting corruption was the whistle blowing policy.

According to him, the whistle blowing policy has lead to recoveries of N13.8 billion in tax evassion; N7.8 billion, 378 million dollars; 27,200 pounds from public officials who have been targeted by the whistle blowing policy.

“Another thing this government has achieved is that we introduced what is called an efficiency unit in the ministry of finance to ensure that the resources of government are not frittered on trivialised grants and excuses and today we saved about N17 billion from travels, souvenirs and sitting allowances.

He noted that before now government revenue generating agencies were not remitting so much money.

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Just In: Anti-Corruption group gives Buhari 2 weeks to probe Governor

Anti-corruption group, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to order the probe of Kano State Governor, Dr Abdullahi Ganduje, following some video clips on the Internet showing the governor allegedly collecting kickbacks from contractors.

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The group, in an open letter to the President on Sunday, urged Buhari to use his good offices to direct either the Attorney General of the Federation or anti-graft agencies to probe the bribery allegations against Ganduje. It argued that though the alleged bribery directly concerned Kano State, the Federal Government could not afford to look away.

The anti-corruption advocacy group added that “any allegations of bribery and abuse of power in any state of Nigeria is of concern to every Nigerian, and should, therefore, be of concern to your (Buhari) government”.

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It urged the President to oblige its request to order Ganduje’s probe within 14 days, saying it would not hesitate to go to court should its request be ignored.

SERAP said it would like Ganduje prosecuted on the expiration of his tenure should the bribery allegations be established. The group also charged the Federal Government to ensure the protection of Mr Jaafar Jaafar, the journalist who filmed Ganduje allegedly collecting bribe.

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In the open letter signed by its Senior Legal Adviser, Ms Bamisope Adeyanju, SERAP said, “The obligations of your (Buhari’s) government to combat corruption in Nigeria extend to all the three tiers of government, namely: the Federal Government, state government and local government. Although, primarily a matter of concern for Kano State, the allegations of bribery against Mr Ganduje have assumed such a proportion as to become a matter of concern to the federation as a whole, and, therefore, to your government.”

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The Presidency, however, said on Sunday that the alleged bribery case was a state government issue. The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, said this during an interview on ‘Politics Today’, a live programme on Channels Television.

Adesina said, “That is a Kano State matter and it is being investigated by the Kano State House of Assembly. What then concerns the President at this point? Why must the President dabble into it at this point?”

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REALLY! Osinbajo: APC Government has stopped “grand” corruption

Yemi Osinbajo who is the Vice President of Nigeria, yesterday in Sokoto State said the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) government led by President Muhammadu Buhari has stopped the ‘grand corruption’ that characterised the system in the past.

Related imageSimilarly, Osinbajo seized the space to also absolve the executive of interference in the affairs of the legislature saying that it has always observed absolute restraint.

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“There has never been attempt by this government in any guise to impede on the National Assembly. Governor Tambuwal who was then Speaker will not forget how he scaled the fence by acrobatic means to get into the assembly complex.

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“I was Attorney General of Lagos State when the executive withheld our funds. All these were absolute impunity, threat and undue interference which are now in the past with the coming of this government”, he stated.

Osinbajo governor

According to him in the past, governors and legislators were under severe interference and threats by the executives. He said there has been significant change with positive and far reaching effect in reforms through democratic means, “We have been able to actualise and domesticate financial autonomy of the judiciary as an important integral arm of government.”

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Osinbajo made the remarks at the 2018 annual lecture organised by the Barewa Old Boys Association ahead of its centenary celebrations slated for 2021.

According to the Vice President, before the current administration, the country experienced a lot of impunity, adding “We knew when the executive approved direct stealing and collection of huge sums from the public treasury to the tune of $297 million in a single swing.”

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He enumerated the various areas through which the federal government intervention schemes have grossly impacted the citizenry to include the N-Power, Anchor borrower, conditional cash ýtransfer, school feeding and other beneficial entrepreneurial and skills acquisition empowerment ventures.

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Osinbajo however, described BOBA as a social entity which has produced brilliant and dependable leaders with vision for a prosperous nation.

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He extolled the visionary greatness of products of the Barewa College, citing examples with late Sir Ahmadu Bello for galvanising the north into the national system as an incredible foresight; Tafawa Balewa who stood for better Nigeria with federal identity and unity; Malam Aminu Kanoý who also stood and fought to stem social justice; Murtala Muhammed with ethical and moral discipline while Yakubu Gowon rooted his mission for ‘No victor, no vanquish to re-integrate the country after the civil war as well Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari among others who fly the BOBA banner to constantly reflect their strides on Nigeria’s history and development to remedy and redeem the county’s democracy.

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In his remarks, Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal noted that the issue of good governance was a critical and necessary aspect to the country’s democracy.

CORRUPTION!!! Audit reports shows National Assembly mismanaged billions of Naira through illegal expenditures, fraud

An audit report has revealed that about N3.5 billion was misappropriated in 2016 by the management of the National Assembly. The monies were siphoned through various schemes such as failure to retire advances, financial documentation irregularities, excess payment for goods, controversial purchases and diversion of funds.

These findings were contained in the 2016 annual audit report released by the Auditor General of the Federation. The report, released this year, noted how the agency failed to provide receipts, vouchers or contract documents for many transactions made in 2016.

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As Senate President, Mr Saraki heads the overall institution of the National Assembly. Some other key officials in the National Assembly with direct or oversight management responsibilities include the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara; Clerk of the National Assembly, Mohammed Omolori; Chairman of the National Assembly Service Commission, Adamu Fika; and Director General of the National Institute of Legislative Studies, Ladi Hamalai. Some of them were directly indicted n the report.

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During the audit of the accounting records maintained at the National Assembly and its agencies, at the management section, under the General Services, it was revealed that capital account payment vouchers for amounts totalling N417 million (N417,312,538.79), raised for settlement of some contractors, were without vital supporting documents, ”a financial decision that depicts violation of Financial Regulation which provides that all vouchers shall contain full particulars of each service as to enable them to be checked without reference to any other document and will invariably be supported by relevant documents.”

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“The Clerk to the National Assembly, Mohammed Sani Omolori, should produce the supporting documents to the payment vouchers or recover the amount in question from the contractors,” the auditor ruled.

Also, during the audit of staff salary accounts, 37 payment vouchers with amounts to N67 million (N66,713,355) were observed to have been paid between January and June, 2016 for items not related to personnel cost.
The payees in the cashbook also did not correspond with those in the bank statement. This irregularity is a violation of Financial Regulation which states that “Expenditure shall strictly be classified in accordance with the estimates and votes must be applied only to the purpose for which the money is provided. Expenditure incorrectly charged to a vote shall be disallowed.”

“The sum of N66,713,355.08 being irregular expenditure should be recovered from the officer who approved the payments from the personnel vote,” the auditor instructed.

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Review Of Expenditure

During the review of documents of capital expenditure vote by the auditor, it was discovered that payments totalling N116 million (N116,162,522.60) were made between April and June, 2016 to some contractors for various jobs carried out, without raising payment vouchers.

This contravenes the provisions of Financial Regulation which state that under no circumstance shall money be paid for services, for which a voucher has not been raised. ”The Clerk to the National Assembly should produce the payment vouchers for examination,” the report added.

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Also, a total sum of N57 million deducted from various contract payments in respect of Withholding Tax and Value Added Tax was without evidence of remittance to the tax authorities.

The clerk was asked to produce the acknowledgement receipts from the Federal Inland Revenue Service for verification. He was stated, in the report ”to have ignored the auditor on these issues.”

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‘Watery Documentation’

The general services account of the National Assembly was depleted by about N751 million on account of “watery financial documentations” and failure of staff to retire advances according to the report. In the documents, it was revealed that N625 million was granted to the Constitution Review Committee through four payment vouchers between March and June 2016. These were not supported with relevant documents and details of the expenses.

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“This is a violation of Financial Regulation which stipulates that all payment vouchers should contain full particulars of each service, so as to enable them to be checked without reference to any other documents and will invariably be supported by relevant documents,” the auditor said.

The report also revealed that cash advances totalling N126 million was granted to 11 members of staff through 19 payment vouchers between March and December 2016 for procurement of goods and services. However, these advances were not retired as at the time of examination in June 2017.

The clerk was instructed to recover N126 million from the ”defaulting officers in compliance with Financial Regulation which stipulates that accounting officers are responsible for ensuring the prompt repayment of all advances by instalments or otherwise.”

Indicted Senate

At the upper chamber of the National Assembly under Mr Saraki, scrutiny of financial documents of the Senate revealed that about N974 million was not accounted for as against financial regulations. This was mostly due to poor control in the management and accountability of public funds, ”where members of staff of the Senate fail to retire advances worth millions of naira”, the report explained.

The auditor noted that: “Personal advances totalling N747,286,680.00, granted to staff between February and December 2016 for various procurements and services, were not retired as at the time of examination in June 2017.”

Image result for Saraki

The clerk was instructed to recover the whole sum from the defaulting officers and furnish recovery particulars for verification. He has not.

It was also revealed that the Senate purportedly made payments of over N100 million ”for taxes with no supporting documents.”

“Withholding and Value Added Taxes totalling N118,625,057.48, which were purportedly remitted to the Federal Inland Revenue Service, were not acknowledged with revenue receipts. The Clerk to the National Assembly should produce the receipts from the Tax Authorities for verification.”

Related image

Other payment vouchers for amounts totalling N109 million paid from the Capital Expenditure vote, were not presented for audit examination by the Senate.

The auditor has subsequently directed the Clerk to produce the payment vouchers for examination, ”or refund the amount in question to government coffers.”

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House of Representatives, Legislative Institute Indicted

A review of documents of the House of Representatives under the leadership of Mr Dogara, also revealed that about N1 billion was misappropriated. Pay As You Earn (PAYE) deductions from staff salaries totalling N821.6 million was claimed to have been remitted to tax authorities with no receipts or documented evidence to show for it during audit verification, a development the auditor noted runs in contravention to Financial Regulation. The regulation states that “deductions for WHT, VAT and PAYE shall be remitted to the Federal Inland Revenue Service at the same time the payee who is the subject of the deduction is paid”.

Image result for saraki and dogara

Also, according to provisions of Financial Regulations that require accounting officers to provide adequate advances’ records and to ensure that officers granted advances retire them promptly, advances granted to officers of the House of Representatives totalling N254 million for procurement of goods and services between January and December, 2016 remained unretired as at the time of examination in June 2017.

Financial recklessness and misappropriation of funds are not the exclusive preserve of the law making sections. According to the audit report, this extended to the National Institute for Legislative Studies, where N412 million was paid for 11 motor vehicles purchased at a contract sum of N375.9 million.

Image result for saraki and dogara

Examination of the capital account cashbook revealed that after formal payment was made for the vehicles, an additional sum of about N37 million was paid to the same contractor in September 2016 under the same contract, ”without approval”.

The auditor has directed the management of the institute to justify the over-payment, which is in excess of the contract sum or recover the funds.

Extensive Rot

Also, at the institute, it was discovered that seven members of staff who were redeployed from the National Assembly to provide ‘specialised’ services were paid N11 million from the overhead costs vote. The payment, however, could not be ”measured, since the personnel details such as salary grade levels, steps, status and rank of the officers were not disclosed in the payroll sheets”.

”The management of the institute should justify these payments or recover the amounts from the seven officers and furnish recovery particulars for verification,” the report noted.

Image result for President Goodluck Jonathan National assembly

The institute is an organ of the National Assembly established by an Act of Parliament. President Goodluck Jonathan signed into law the agency on March 2, 2011 following the passage of the same by the Senate and the House of Representatives. The institute is headed by Ladi Hamalai, who has been Director General since its establishment.

Rot In National Assembly Service Commission

At the National Assembly Service Commission headed by Adamu Fika who has been its Executive Secretary since 2013, it was revealed that about N26 million was financially mismanaged.

For instance, the report noted that during its 445th meeting held on September 8, 2016, the commission approved N110 million for the training of officers on Salary Grade Level 14 and above in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Image result for National Assembly Nigeria

Investigation by the auditor revealed that for the training, N128 million was actually paid through 10 payment vouchers to the participants as ‘estacode allowances’ and also to the two consultants engaged for the training. Cash advances totalling N10 million were then granted to 34 officers as course fees including N5 million paid to a consultant as course fees.

It was also discovered that the number of officers slated for training was not certain. The numbers varied from 33 officers to whom cash advances were granted, ”to 57 and 75 who were paid estacode allowances and air-tickets while letters of the award of contracts to the consultants were not produced for audit”.

Related image

The report asked the chairman of the commission to justify the payment of the additional N17.6 million; explain the payment of N10 million as advances to the officers, while also clarifying the exact number of officers trained.

“No response was received from the National Assembly Service Commission. Therefore, appropriate sanctions should be meted out and the commission compelled to enforce my recommendation on this matter,” the auditor said.

Cheating Government

At the Legislative Aides Section, N12 million earned as interests on bank accounts in a commercial bank between January and December 2016, was not paid into the Consolidated Revenue Fund. The sum of N9 million was earned from the Personnel Costs account, while the overhead account earned an interest of N3 million.

Image result for President Buhari National assembly

The non-remittance of these amounts, according to the auditor, contravened Financial Regulation which stipulates that “Interest earned on bank accounts must be properly classified to the appropriate revenue head of Accounts and paid to the Consolidated Revenue Fund”.

“The Clerk to the National Assembly should remit the sum of N12,274,587.77 to the Consolidated Revenue Fund and forward relevant particulars for verification,” the auditor stated.

Image result for President Buhari National assembly

Also, documentation irregularities were observed in the recruitment of legislative aides and this resulted in the payment of salaries and allowances ”not worked for”, totalling N9 million.

The actual dates of appointments of some aides were found to differ from the dates of assumption of duty by several months ”which is quite abnormal” the report explained.

The Clerk has been requested by the auditor ”to restore normalcy in the process of documentation in respect of dates of appointment and assumption of duties of the aides, recover the sum of N9 million overpaid to the aides in question, and forward recovery particulars for verification”.

Official Reacts

Repeated efforts to get reactions from the Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr Omolori and spokesperson of the Senate, Sabi Abdulahi, were not successful as calls placed to their known telephone lines did not connect.

However, the spokesperson of the House of Representatives, Abdulrazak Namdas said he was not aware of the said report.

Image result for Abdulrazak Namdas

“I cannot give you an answer right now because I am not aware of what you just told me. I need to speak to the appropriate committee before I get back. I think it is not something I can give you a straight away answer. I just heard it (report) from you, so I have to get across to the relevant authorities to get the information and then get back to you.

”Do you know the chairman committee on public accounts? Well, this is the committee that can give us a straight away answer and during this electioneering campaign, I am not too close (to them). Let me get back to my colleagues and then get back to you.”

Peter Obi in a sly dig at President Buhari over corruption shouts

Former Anambra state Governor who is also Atiku’s running mate for next year’s presidential elections Peter Obi has said it is one thing to talk against corruption and it is another thing to fight against it.

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Obi, who affirmed that corruption “kills entrepreneurship, professionalism and hard work”, highlighted some of his achievements when he was Governor of Anambra State. He stated this in an interview with NAN in Abuja.

Image result for peter obi

His words: “We should look at the effect of corruption and go on to deal with it in the way it should. It is important that everybody becomes part of those trying to stop it, because it kills three things that try to make society work.

Image result for peter obi

“It kills entrepreneurship, professionalism and hard work; it is not about shouting about it, but dealing with it.” In his remarks on Nigeria’s rating by the World Economic Forum, the former Governor said Nigeria could perform better with focus on the various key indicators.

Image result for peter obi

“I have been a Governor, and I know how to change these things. We took education from being number 24 to number 21. So, you don’t say you are doing it; you need to show empirical evidence where it is done and done right. If you do the right things, you get the right results; it is simple.

Image result for peter obi

“We need to get it better; the rating now is not where we should be. Nigeria is too important; it is the main driver of the continent. We must get it right and all we need is good leadership.”

Related image

In her address, Elsie Kanza, Head of Africa, World Economic Forum, said: “Based on the different indicators, it is important to note that Africa is still lagging behind the rest of the world.“So, it is not just Nigeria; everyone needs to improve so that the continent has a higher footing.”

Osinbajo explains how corruption is affecting Buhari’s led administration and blocking investments inflow

The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo reiterated the need to tackle corruption, which, he said, has been discouraging the inflow of investments. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said corruption must be taken as an unacceptable practice that should be exposed by all.

Image result for yemi osinbajo

He spoke for President Muhammadu Buhari at the opening of the 24th National Economic Summit (NES) organised in Abuja by the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG).

Related image

In a paper titled: “Corruption and rule of law”, the vice president said: “Systemic corruption, in procurement process, corruption in approval processes obviously discourages investments and we must examine those closely.

According to him, the impact of corruption on development has been a major issue. He noted the menace was promoted by the “years of impunity and of no consequence.”

He described as unfortunate that many Nigerians have come to accept corruption as a way of doing business. Osinbajo said it was important for the country to confront this menace, focus on it as an issue and deliberate on a way forward.

“Confronting it is crucial as you really can’t avoid it and the only way to confront it is for the government to be determined, to be committed to it.

“Especially by strengthening the systems that will make corruption become something that will attract consequence, something that will attract sanctions.

“If government is committed to it and focused on a number of indices, then I think things will change, and people really want to see some results.’’

Police Now Seeking To Charge President And Daughter Over Corruption

The police appear to be waking up to their responsibility and doing their job diligently.

They are not sparing anyone, and this time, they are seeking to charge a sitting president, his daughter and nine others.

The Federal Police have asked the Prosecutor General’s office to charge Brazil President Michel Temer and ten others, including his daughter, with corruption, money laundering and racketeering.

The federal police investigated for more than a year whether Temer, who has been in power since May 2016, took bribes to issue a decree in May 2017 to benefit companies in the port sector.

The Prosecutor’s Office must now decide whether to file a criminal complaint against the president, if it requests further investigation, or to order the case closed.

For the Supreme Court to investigate and possibly prosecute the president, according to the Constitution, it must get Congress’ green light.

In the report delivered Tuesday to the Supreme Court, federal police also requested that all those under investigation have their assets frozen.

The presidential palace of Planalto, consulted by AFP, said that the president would not speak about the police report.

Temer, 78, was denounced twice by the Prosecutor’s Office last year, for corruption and criminal organization training, and in both cases the accusations were frozen by Congress until the end of his term on January 1, 2019.

The new accusation comes less than two weeks before the second round of the presidential election. Ultra-conservative Jair Bolsonaro is leading in polls against leftist Fernando Haddad.

Temer is wrapping up his term as one of the most unpopular Brazilian presidents in decades. He has a five percent approval rating.

Michel Miguel Elias Temer Lulia is a Brazilian lawyer and politician serving as the 37th and current President of Brazil since 2016. He took office after the impeachment and removal from office of his predecessor Dilma Rousseff.

2019: President Trump Blasts Buhari, Gives Legitimate Reasons Why He Shouldn’t Be Re-Elected

Ahead of the 2019 elections, the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump has come out to lay some serious accusations on the president of Nigeria who is running for the office for the second time. Trump has alleged that President Buhari was a corrupt leader under whose administration massive corruption practices went on.

Image result for trump buhari

The perception was expressed in the US 2017 Human Rights Report. It said the Federal Government driven by Buhari neglected to actualize laws against degenerate practices. The report included that in spite of the fact that the administration found a way to examine claimed human rights manhandles, “exemption stayed across the board at all levels of government.”
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It said in part, “Although the law provides criminal penalties for conviction of official corruption, the government did not implement the law effectively, and officials frequently engaged in corrupt practices with impunity. Massive, widespread, and pervasive corruption affected all levels of government and the security services. The constitution provides immunity from civil and criminal prosecution for the president, vice president, governors, and deputy governors while in office.”

Image result for trump buhari

The report likewise blamed the tasks of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in arraigning debasement allegations. It said the Commission neglected to pursue fair treatment. It referred to the instance of the beset previous National Security Adviser (NSA), Sambo Dasuki, who has been in care of the Department of State Services (DSS) since 2015, in spite of court orders requesting his discharge. The report recorded the most noteworthy human rights issues amid the year to include:

Related image

“Extrajudicial and arbitrary killings; disappearances and arbitrary detentions; torture, particularly in detention facilities, including sexual exploitation and abuse; use of children by some security elements, looting, and destruction of property; civilian detentions in military facilities, often based on flimsy evidence, denial of fair public trial; executive influence on the judiciary; infringement on citizens’ privacy rights; restrictions on freedoms of speech, press, assembly, and movement; official corruption; lack of accountability in cases involving violence against women and children; trafficking in persons; and early and forced marriages.”

Related image

The report additionally scolded Nigeria’s legal framework, saying it was endangered amid the period under survey. The US said the official and administrative arms of government kept on meddling with the legal. It added, “Although the constitution and law provide for an independent judiciary, the judicial branch remained susceptible to pressure from the executive and legislative branches. Political leaders influenced the judiciary, particularly at the state and local levels.

Image result for trump buhari

“Understaffing, underfunding, inefficiency, and corruption prevented the judiciary from functioning adequately. Judges frequently failed to appear for trials. In addition, the salaries of court officials were low, and they often lacked proper equipment and training. There was a widespread public perception that judges were easily bribed and litigants could not rely on the courts to render impartial judgments. Citizens encountered long delays and received requests from judicial officials for bribes to expedite cases or obtain favorable rulings”

Image result for trump buhari

You will review that a couple of months back, the Presidency had uncovered that President Muhammadu Buhari would leave Nigeria for the United States of America. It was before revealed that President Donald Trump would have his Nigerian partner, Buhari in Washington on April 30th and that the gathering will center around “fighting terrorism” and “promoting economic growth.”

coup against buhari

In an announcement marked on Friday, by the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, the administration said Buhari,“will leave Abuja on 28th April 2018, on an official working visit to the United States of America, on the invitation of President Donald Trump. President Buhari will have bilateral meeting with President Trump and a working lunch on Monday 30th April 2018.

Image result for trump buhari
“The meeting is to discuss ways to enhance the strategic partnership between the two countries and to advance shared priorities, such as: promoting economic growth, fighting terrorism and other threats to peace and security. The meeting will further deepen the US-Nigeria relationship as the United States considers Nigeria’s economic growth, security and leadership in Africa to be critical aspects of their strategic partnership.”
Image result for trump buhari


Corruption allegation: Top African Athlete in big soup

Kenyan distance-running legend Kip Keino is one of the seven suspects in a corruption investigation and has been ordered to report to police by the end of Monday to face charges of embezzlement and the misappropriation of more than $545,000.

Keino, who is a two-time Olympic champion and honorary member of the International Olympic Committee, is accused of misappropriating the misuse of money meant for Kenyan athletes at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, when he was chairman of the country’s Olympic committee.

LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 05: Academy member Kip Keino is interviewed at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre prior to the Laureus World Sports Awards 2012 on February 5, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Laureus)

The money was part of more than $5 million given to Kenya Olympic committee led by the 78 year old Keino at the time by the Kenyan government to fund Team Kenya in Rio. But prosecutors allege Keino was at the head of an Olympic committee rife with corruption.

Two other high-ranking former Kenyan Olympic committee officials were named, as was the former Kenyan minister of sport, Hassan Wario, and three ministry officials who worked under him.

The seven are all accused of embezzling more than $200,000, wasting more than $150,000 on unused air tickets to Rio, overpaying allowances amounting to nearly $150,000 and incurring tens of thousands of dollars of other expenditure on “unauthorized persons.”

Director of public prosecutions Noordin Haji said the directorate of criminal investigations (DCI), a special crimes unit, had been investigating since late 2016. After nearly two years, Haji said he was “satisfied that there is sufficient evidence” to now charge the seven with multiple counts of corruption and abuse of office.

Keino’s gold in the 1,500 meters at the 1968 Mexico Olympics — 50 years ago — paved the way for decades of dominance by Kenyan distance runners.

He was named in track and field’s international hall of fame in its inaugural year in 2012 alongside the likes of Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis and Sebastian Coe, the current president of the IAAF.

Keino was also honored at the opening ceremony at the 2016 Rio Games, the first recipient of the Olympic Laurel award for service to the Olympic movement.

Now, he and the others have until the end of Monday to report to the headquarters of the DCI or warrants will be issued for their arrests. Keino has not responded to the accusations.

In August, Kenyan athletics federation secretary general and IAAF Council member David Okeyo was banned for life by world track and field body the IAAF for embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars of sponsorship money paid to his federation by Nike.

Public prosecutor Haji said he had also ordered further investigations into the Olympic committee’s use of its Nike sponsorship money.