Popular Nigerian Musician, Terry G – Youths, Stop Waiting For The Government, Take Action Now

Popular singer, Terry G, has waded in on the current economic situation in Nigeria, saying youths won’t need government jobs if they empower themselves.

In a recent chat with reporters, Terry G advised that come 2019, Nigerian youths should no longer wait for the government to provide jobs for them but empower themselves by learning a trade or acquiring a vocational skill. He said;


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“My advice to the youth is that it’s all in their hands, if they have handwork it’s better for them. If they don’t, they should look for one to learn; they can’t keep relying on the government because the government also needs the support of the youths. If they are diligent at whatever they do, they will reap the benefits, instead of waiting on the government.”


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The Nigerian musician and producer who has received critical acclaim for his unique brand of music and personality, Gabriel Oche Amanyi who goes by the stage name of Terry G was born on 7 March 1986 in Lagos, Nigeria. He started singing in the choir of his local church at a young age. He has been described by The Punch as “one of the world’s weirdest singers”, by Vanguard as a “Weird singer” and by Channels TV as the “Craziest musician in Nigeria”. There is no doubt that the 32-years-old musician and producer has managed to stay relevant in the Nigerian entertainment industry with his controversial lyrics and awkward identity.


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Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the Nigerian musician and producer, Terry G:


  1. Terry G was born as Gabriel Oche Amanyi on 7 March 1986 in Lagos, Nigeria.


  1. He shares the same birth date as his mother.


  1. He started singing in the choir of his local church at a young age.


  1. He is signed to TCP Entertainment and Black Wall Street record label.


  1. He mentioned 2Face Idibia as his greatest musical mentor.


  1. He has been described by The Punch as “one of the world’s weirdest singers”, by Vanguard as a “Weird singer” and by Channels TV as the “Craziest musician in Nigeria”.


  1. In 2013, he released his fourth album titled Book of Ginger.


  1. Through his songs, he has admitted to using drugs and alcohol and in September 2014, he admitted to stop taking hard drugs.


  1. He has collaborated with artists like D’Money.


  1. He is a father to a cute baby boy.


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OMG! You Won’t Believe What Kemi Olunloyo Had To Say As Blogger Stella Dimoko Calls Out Linda Ikeji For Theft

Coming after her small break from all social media, Kemi Olunloyo have dropped her two cents after blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus called out celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji for plagiarism!

“Linda the next time you want to lift an interview I did,there is something called GIVING CREDIT. The next time you try it again I will teach you that two can play. Enough already. Quoting an interview I did as if the interviewer does not exist is wrong. This is me talking. I fear no one and keeping quiet doesn’t mean I don’t wanna talk. Enough said!”



Recall that Linda and Stella were once best of friends, but their friendship went sour after, they reportedly spread strong gossips about themseves, or should we say, ” The Devil scattered them? LOL”. However, reacting to the call out, Kemi Olunloyo who claimed to have forgiven Linda for “Killing her brand” took to her Instagram page and wrote:


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#HNNGossip I’m the only NIGERIAN in the Top 10 pioneer bloggers in the world @time magazine 1999. Many of you were babies when this started in 2006. Linda is a blogger, Stella and I are Journalists. There is a big difference. Journalists who blog are called professional bloggers. Mr Aye Dee took Linda’s blog down for 29 hours because of copyright infringement. I was the first to fight for Linda behind the scenes and told you her blog will return live at midnight and it did plus I tweeted it #LIVE. My Twitter genius @tade355 go find me those tweets. I called my friend Sergei Brim co-founder of Google who linked with Google Nigeria. The beef here is long-standing.


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At the Nigerian Tribune in 2013, I was told to do a story on Nigeria’s top Female bloggers. When I compiled the list, Stella declined to be featured if Linda was on it. Next I was Linda’s victim. The 2013 gun story where she diminished my brand. I dropped the Tribune story and instead I wrote a story on how Nigerian bloggers have generally failed because of copying and syndicating each other. Linda also made fun of Stella’s oyinbo babies saying she slept with oil expats and didn’t know the father of her kids when she actually married one a day had kids with him before they moved to Germany. I watched all this play out from 2006-2013.


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The solution now is Linda, keep your interns trained on photo credits and sourcing info. Someone will take down your blog permanently like what happened to Twitter. We are web logging and logging the web is not all copy and paste. #WEBLOGGING without the we is what is termed blogging. You must credit and source content from the web meaning other people’s work. Cheers Kemi Olunloyo–Journalist”.


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EXPOSED! You Won’t Believe Who The Lady Behind Customer Care Voice On MTN Is [Photos]

The talented voice artist and actress has been revealed to the sweet customer care voice that works for multinational mobile telecommunications company, MTN group. The lady known as Kgomotso Christopher from South Africa is the voice that says on the network, “you have insufficient funds please recharge“ among other services offered by MTN.


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Her identity was recently unveiled as many internet users were surprised to have finally linked the face to the voice which they thought was a White woman. The educated actress who graduated from Columbia University in New York, USA, took to her twitter account to confirm the revelation as she revealed she’s been doing this for over six years.


See her reaction below


Kgomotso Christopher is a South African actress and voice artist best known for her starring roles as Nox Madondo, a frustrated wife with a cheating husband, in the e.tv drama series 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls; and as Katlego Sibeko on the SABC3 soapie Isidingo. Kgomotso showed early signs of talent when she ended as first runner-up in the DALRO National Acting competition in 1996. She was a student at the National School of the Arts in Braamfontein at the time.

She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Cape Town from 1998-2000 and upon graduation was awarded the Jules Kramer Award for Fine Arts. With this scholarship she pursued her postgraduate studies at Columbia University in New York. There she honed her skills under the tutelage of Tony Award-winner Andrei Serban and LAMDA-trained voice teacher Kristin Linklater. In 2004 she earned her M.F.A (Performing Arts) and continued to live and work in the US and UK until 2008.


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She has had guest roles in a number of television series including Madam & Eve, SOS and Backstage (all on e.tv) and on the SABC2 sitcom Moferefere Lenyalong. Kgomotso has appeared in numerous theatre productions including Romeo & Juliet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet and Dr. Faustus. She has acted in the films Stray Bullet and Boesman & Lena, and appeared in several television commercials for clients such as Vodacom, DStv and CNA.


Her role in 4Play was her first starring role on television. In June 2011 she joined Isidingo as Katlego Sibeko when the Sibeko family were introduced into the show. She left the show in April 2016. She is multilingual, fluent in English, Afrikaans, seSotho and isiZulu.


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BOLD MOVES! See What Ruggedman Ordered Nigerian Celebrities To Do In An Open Letter

Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman has written an open letter to celebrities telling them they have a responsibility to demand better governance for their fans.


Taking to his Instagram page to air his views on Nigerian politics, Ruggedman said it is their duty as celebrities to use their platform to demand better governance for the people. See what he wrote below:


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With humility and respect I come before each of you who has toiled so hard with discipline & sacrifice to come this far. May all your efforts & fame not be in vain. I write to ignite your sub-conscious minds on the poor state of the nation and why as celebrities should demand from the govt to FIX ELECTRICITY & SECURITY FIRST! A vigorous campaign through our social media, peaceful rally & personal rappourt will be efficacious. In other words, the REVOLUTION the poor masses and Nigeria need with zero casualty is “CELEBRITY REVOLUTION”. That is why you have a VOICE.


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A quick look into the SLAVE TRADE ERA and ask some honest questions. Who were those selling their fellow citizens then? Who were the intermediaries? What was their gain and where do they stand in history now? A vivid look into the approach of majority of our politicians today, you can strike resemblance. If you have no choice than to campaign for any, kindly make your voice count.


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Picture others including yourself from now till February vehemently BREAKING YOUR SILENCE and demanding that that any government in power should allow the budgets and actions of the govt in the next 2years focus on restoring 24/7 power and rebuilding police services from personell, police stations, welfare, National Emergency Number, National Database, Borders and Human Rights.


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The Police is tied to so many things and nobody can bring meaningful growth, fight corruption, insecurity and achieve PEACE if we have this kind of police system. Police salaries and welfare are horrible, the stations are always in darkness and smelling. No staff toilet and they fuel patrol vehicles and generating sets with their money etc. Police & Army Human Rights abuses are disgraceful. The govt should fix the rot in these two so we can be as half better as South Africa.


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Human Rights abuses, Domestic Violence, Insecurity are on the rise, sad part is when these crimes are going on, nobody to call, Nobody to rescue & you must not take laws into your hands.
Please decide now to ADD VALUE to the society and not AS USUAL. Thank you.


I join Yomi Fabiyi


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“Linda Ikeji Is A Thief, She Stole My Exclusive Content” – Blogger Stella DimokoKorkus Cries Out

Nigerian blogger Stella DimokoKorkus, has called out Linda Ikeji for stealing her exclusive content without giving credit to her. Stella who promised to teach Linda Ikeji a lesson next time this happens, stated that the blogger quoted her interview like the interviewer doesn’t exist. She wrote;


“Linda the next time you want to lift an interview I did,there is something called GIVING CREDIT. The next time you try it again I will teach you that two can play. Enough already. Quoting an interview I did as if the interviewer does not exist is wrong. This is me talking. I fear no one and keeping quiet doesn’t mean I don’t wanna talk. Enough said!”


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This is coming few months after Stella Dimokokorkus took to Instagram to address her beef with Linda Ikeji, who welcomed a baby recently in the United States. Sharing a photo of a ring interpreted to be a shade for Linda Ikeji, Stella Dimokokorkus wrote;


I love Ring Stories but unfortunately there is no ring. I hate lies. I’m a married woman without a ring. OMG! It is only in Nigeria that a person is tagged Jealous if they try to do what’s right. What gives us the right as Bloggers to write about others but think we can’t be written about? The damage we have done with our platforms and we think we are untouchable? OMG It is my duty as a trained Journalist to follow any breaking story I want. Don’t freaking come here preaching maturity to me. The only reason i am keeping quiet is becos the lies told on me years back is still a fresh wound and I don’t wanna allow myself to be swallowed up in revenge and at the same time I cannot find the right words to write the breaking story without using a knife.


Image result for lindA IKEJI


Same knife she used on me years back when she said I am a baby mama who doesn’t know who my baby daddies are…..What da frigging Frack!!!how can I sit down and watch you all swallow the lies she’s been feeding you all ? Cos it’s not my bizness and everytime I try to talk they say I’m jealous cos she got money. Hey you,money doesn’t define who I am or who I relate with any longer. I have grown up to realize money catches fire but a true personality doesn’t. Hello!


Image result for Stella DimokoKorkus, lindA IKEJI


I am not perfect and have my own skeletons which I try not to hide. If I wake up tomorrow and do a story about a blogger who is rich and beautiful but full of Shitty lies,i am only doing my job just like we bloggers do. I am finally closing the door today on the lies she told on me cos the drama she is currently going through kinda teaches me forgiveness. Who you fuck ain’t my bizness so i will let this pass. Moral of story? Karma is a bitch and it will visit everyone. Note that i don’t give a Rats ass about anyone’s opinion on this post! Did I mention any names? No but watch you all come on here and act like you know Who i am talking about. One love!”


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Rapper CDQ reveals how a highly-rated manager rejected his music

For rapper Sodiq Abubakar, aka CDQ, life takes a different turn today as he releases a second music album titled, Ibile Mugabe.

Recalling the difficult hurdles that he had to scale at the onset of his music career, in an interview with our correspondent, the artiste confessed that he had never imagined that life would be this rosy for him.

Like most of his colleagues, CDQ also had his fair share of disappointments. The most painful of such experiences, perhaps, was the day a top-rated artiste manager in the country told him bluntly that he would not succeed as a rapper. Badly in need of guidance at the time, the rap artiste had approached the manager for help. But the latter had ended up almost discouraging him.

“He told me that my style of music was too local and lacked commercial value. But I believed in myself and I kept working hard. When you know your strength, you just need to dwell on it,” CDQ said.

The rapper said he decided to name his new album after former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, to show how his stubbornness had helped him to fulfill his dreams as an artiste. “ ‘Ibile’ in Yoruba language means ‘grassroots’ and we know that the acronym Mugabe symbolises stubbornness. The title of my album has to do with a boy from the grassroots who was determined to succeed by all means.”

The likes of Wizkid, Davido, Kizz Daniel, Mr. Eazi and Tiwa Savage are featured as guest artistes in the new album, apparently to enhance its value in the music market.  CDQ admitted that he had intentionally requested their inputs on the album.  “I believe that there is more that one can achieve when two heads come together. When you try to embrace other artistes and do music that will appeal to their own fans, it makes your album more marketable,” he said.

However, the rapper waved away the insinuation that his music style attracted only ordinary street folk. He said, “I do music for everybody. My song, Flex, has been out for more than a month and the National Broadcasting Commission doesn’t have a problem with it.”

19-year old 100 level student gifts his 16-year old girlfriend a benz, iwatch and Iphone X Max

An 100 level student, who is reportedly 19 years of age just bought his 16-year-old girlfriend a Benz, iWatch and Iphone X Max, all in a bid to surprise her.

The Abuja based student, Zubairu, is causing a stir online after he gave his girlfriend, Nihat the ultimate surprised.

He surprised her with a Mercedes Benz, iWatch and an iPhone X Max for her 16th birthday. The girlfriend is said to be an SS3 student.

Zabairu can bee seen in the now viral video leading Nihat to where the Benz is parked, as friends and well wishers gathered to experience the special moment.

Watch video below;

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Check out 7 hot single celebrity moms, number 5 is unexpected

Being a single mum isn’t something that is seen as fashionable in this part of the world but in recent times, people have come to accept and adjust to it.
The celebrity world is no newcomer when it comes to female celebrities who have had failed relationships and marriages and decided to raise the kids, from those affairs alone. For these women, it has made them more hardworking and inspiring to many. The status of the relationship between some of the celebrities and their spouses isn’t clear but we sure have them on this list.


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These celebrities aren’t just mums but they have been able to remain fashionable and stylish. They have some of the most beautiful outfits and their followership on social media is massive. So guys, check out seven celebrity mums who still look hot.

1. Caroline Danjuma

Caroline Danjuma

 At the mention of Caroline Danjuma’s name, one thing comes to mind, beauty, and brains. In her years as an actress, she was able to become a household name and many can’t forget how she kept everyone glued to their TV because of her beauty (Yes Caroline is fine like that!). However, she got married to business mogul, Musa Danjuma after previous celebrity relationships.

Caroline Danjuma


Even though the marriage which produced three kids and lasted for a few years, Caroline Danjuma has remained one of the sexiest and stylish women from this part of the world. She has not looked back since then and has remained the toast of the red carpet.

2. Mercy Aigbe

OOTD- Mercy Aigbe looks sensational in a floral maxi dressOOTD- Mercy Aigbe looks sensational in a floral maxi dress


This list won’t be complete without mentioning Mercy Aigbe. So we don’t get it all twisted, the status of her marriage to the hotelier, Lanre Gentry is still not known but we can say she is one hot mum who has been taking care of herself well even after separating from her husband.

Mercy AigbeMercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe’s Instagram page gives you a clear example of the amount of time and care she puts in to look good. In case you don’t know, Mercy Aigbe turned 40 this and she still can pass for a young lady in her 20s. We guess that’s the reason the number of her secret admirers are always out there declaring their love for her. Recall a while ago she shared a chat conversation she had with a man who wanted her.

3. Tonto DikehTonto Dikeh

 The entertainment industry in Nigeria has been blessed with a number of beautiful and gorgeous women. Tonto Dikeh happens to be one of those pretty celebrities. Right from her early years in Nollywood, we already knew we had a sexy and hot woman ready to keep the tabloids busy. After her failed marriage, many would have thought she would go into exile. Well, they guessed wrong as she came out prettier and hotter.

Tonto Dikeh says Arik airline services are weak and horrible

An angry Tonto Dikeh has described the services of Arik airlines as horrible, weak and unprofessional. Tonto Dikeh definitely knows the right outfit to wear for any occasion. Her Instagram page has a lot of her photos which we find sometimes very hard to pick a preferred photo. Tonto Dikeh took things further in 2018 when she decided to get a surgery to increase her butt. Your guess is as good as ours, she came out looking twice hotter and she has been serving us sexy goals ever since.

4. Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim

We stand to be corrected that Juliet Ibrahim might the hottest single mum on this list. The reasons are endless. The fact that some people aren’t aware that she is more makes her more attractive. She has remained consistent when it comes to glowing every time we get to see her on the red carpet or just for the gram.

Juliet IbrahimJuliet Ibrahim

Talking about Instagram, ever gone through the actress’ page? It would leave you breathless with the number of efforts she has put to remain hot. Juliet Ibrahim has the right curves in all the right places. Despite her failed relationship with Iceberg. Juliet Ibrahim still remains one of the most admired celebrity today.

5. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage stuns in black mini dress as she wins big at the EMA'sTiwa Savage stuns in black mini dress as she wins big at the EMA’

Mummy Jam Jam‘ as she is fondly called definitely stands tall on this list. Without doubt, Tiwa Savage is one single mum who leaves single and young guys drooling anytime she climbs the stage to perform. Watching Tiwa Savage perform on stage will leave you wondering if she is a teenager whose young and virgin hormones are just getting pumped. She has one of the most admired body structure in the entertainment world.

Tiwa Savage to unveil ‘something new’ todayTiwa Savage and son, Jam Jam

The mother of one, just like other female celebrities has a way of drawing all the attention to herself on social media. A photo post of Tiwa Savage can get more 20k likes in an hour and we all know why…hottie alert!

6. Waje

Here's Waje's list of favourite Nollywood actorsWaje

Interestingly Waje’s journey in the entertainment industry has never been discussed without mentioning the fact that she is a single mum. Well, lately Waje has said she doesn’t want to be asked questions relating to the single mom. Clearly, Waje has done so much for herself career-wise over the last two decades.


Just so we all know, Waje is the oldest single mum on this list but can be said to be one of the hottest. We need not say more, Waje is pretty, voluptuous, has an infectious smile, has one of the most unique fashion styles. Ever seen a photo of the music star and her daughter? They can pass for sisters!

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How Jennifer Lopez made ₦723 million for 20 minutes performance on stage

Doha’s preferred mall celebrated its grand opening with a star appearance with global superstar, Jennifer Lopez, with a VIP Gala dinner at Mondrian Doha for the region’s first Retailer Excellence Awards.

In her first ever appearance in Qatar, Jennifer Lopez performed hits songs including “Let’s get loud’, on the floor, Jenny from the block, and waiting for tonight” and wowed 650 VIP guests at the Gala Dinner.

According to report, J Lo performed in Qatar last week for a 20-minute set and a question-and-answer session for N723,000,000 ($2 million), plus another million for expenses which included private jets.

J Lo is supposed to perform at the Qatar Airways party at Los Angeles, where she will have another twenty minutes set and earn N433,800,000($1.2 million). This is definitely a good year for J.Lo.

Other celebs who have racked in big money by performing at privates include Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Migos and The Weeknd.

Lopez is an American singer, actress, dancer and producer. In 1991, Lopez began appearing as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color, where she remained a regular until she decided to pursue an acting career in 1993. For her first leading role in the 1997 Selena biopic of the same name, Lopez received a Golden Globe nomination and became the first Latin actress to earn over US$1 million for a film. She went on to star in Anaconda (1997) and Out of Sight (1998), later establishing herself as the highest-paid Latin actress in Hollywood.

HOW EMBARASSING!! See What Timaya Publicly Begged Wizkid For

The entertainment industry is filled with different successful artistes who support themselves in numerous ways. Some of these celebrities have been able to build healthy friendships along the line as they openly show their love for each other.



One of Nigeria’s top musicians at the moment, Wizkid, took to his Twitter page to hail dancehall artiste, Timaya, claiming to love him. Timaya also made sure to respond in a hilarious way. In his tweet, he explained that the Ojuelegba star should give him some stew to eat his yam.



The term ‘stew’ has become a trend among Nigerians. The term originally started from comedian, Mr Jollof, but became more popular after Wizkid used it to publicise his recently released music video, Fever, which featured talented singer, Tiwa Savage, as the video vixen. Other celebrities like Dbanj and Don Jazzy also jumped on the trend till it became more popular among Nigerians. The slang is used in a positive way to describe good events.


Image result for wizkid


In other news, it was reported that Timaya finally grew back his dreadlocks after 7 years. For celebrities, a lot is invested in their appearance to help build their brand. Ever so often, they consider changing their looks, to keep fans admiring them. The Bayelsa-born star knows how to thrill fans with his music and surprised many when he got rid of his dreads on six years ago, little did they know, he was planning to surprise them.


Image result for timaya dreadlocks before after Image result for timaya dreadlocks before after


On the other hand, we seriously doubt if the creator of stew himself would be able to dish any more stew. Wizkid appears to be stuck in a “stewless” situation as he was spotted eating a plate of white rice, roasted fish and shockingly, NO STEW!!!



Fans were left confused, as this is not the normal practice of eating rice in Nigeria, talk less of the bringer of stew himself. Some fans have come to link this with him trying to pass the message publicly that he’s tired of the stew Tiwa Savage has to offer him, one said “That fish alone is better than Naija stew. See how it coloured the rice”. Another avid supporter shockingly said “Quite an expensive plate, no matter how you chop reach you no go tall Wiz kid”


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