TRUE QUEENS! Show them your real face in these gorgeous asoebi styles!

Are you part of the ‘Aso Ebi’ Slay Gang?These set of people slay together at owambe parties in their ‘aso ebi’, sewn in different breath-taking styles.

They are the most important people at the party. If an owambe party were a company on the stock exchange, they would definitely be the shareholders of the company.

Given the huge importance attached to the wearing of ‘aso ebi’ at owambe parties, this special set of people are always placed high on the priority list when it comes to getting the goodies or benefits of the parties they attend.

The intent of the Asoebi culture is to foster love and unity in a family. It also depicts oneness and equality as everyone appear in one Fabric irrespective of your societal status or class.

The advantages of Asoebi are numerous regardless of how frivolous you think they are. The truth is that as the world evolves, so does trends around it.

It is true that in Naija, it has become a trend to have Aso-Ebi at one’s wedding and that, the more expensive your Aso-Ebi, the more prestige your ceremony is awarded.

(Family cloth), simply defined, is the colourful materials often chosen by a celebrant, mostly brides and grooms for their guests as the attire they will wear to the event. Aso-ebi includes gele (head gear), and sometimes exact shoes and purses.

While some people are of the opinion that Aso-ebi is unnecessary, wasteful and totally uncalled for, I’ll give a few reasons why I think aso-ebi is really not a frivolity.


1.) Aso-ebi  gives your event order and makes it more manageable.You know who is for the groom and who is for the bride,  if there is any need to know. It also gives boisterous rhythm which aligns with whatever wedding theme you have chosen.

2.) Aso-ebi also gives an air of unity: That is why most people call aso-ebi “uniform” Whether rich, middle class or poor, aso-ebi enables people of different social classes to mingle and party.

Let’s take a look at some amazing people in gorgeous Asoebi fabrics :

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We will just like to fill you in on the 6 kinds of people you are sure to find at an Owambe!

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