Outfit Ideas For Court Wedding For The Bride Who Likes Being Extra Yet Simple (Photos)

As a stand-out fashionista, you might be wondering what look would work best for such a momentous moment as your court wedding. Wearing a voluminous ball gown is far too formal for the venue, while a pair of white skinny trousers and a corresponding blazer seems far too casual and not wow enough for the queen of extra that you are. So what works?


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I mean it’s your wedding for Pete’s sake. However, even while acknowledging that it is indeed your wedding and you’d want an unforgettable look, remember it is a ‘courthouse’ and you’ve got to keep your style civil. Which brings us back to the question: how do you pull off an outstanding look at this celebration of a lifetime?


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As a bride, it is all about you and finding a balance between what you feel comfortable and beautiful in and what works for the court environment. There are two ways to do it. The first option is to wear one look for the document signing part and the after-event if there’s one, switching up your accessories as necessary. The second option is to rock two separate looks for the court affairs and your reception.


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For option one, Tracy Idirisu’s style below is a great palette to build with. For signing the papers, you would need to wear a matching white blazer and smaller statement earrings.





After court, you can take off the blazer and toss on the faux fur/fur shawl or do without it. The hoops also work for a casual reception. Be sure to wear a befitting top for the after event. Tracy’s beaded tube top is oh so bridal and should serve as your guide.


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For the second option, we’ve curated two before and two after signing looks for your inspiration. The goal is to make sure that you maintain the sartorial standard of a wedding outfit. In other words, there is no excuse for not walking down the courtroom as the badd a$$ Style Raven you are.


Serving something a little extra, these looks are alluring and perfect for a courthouse wedding style…

Before Signing



Boitumelo Thulo






After Signing

Zynnell Zuh





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