Nollywood Actress Cossy Ojiakor Undergoes Surgery After This Happened To Her (Video)

These are trying times for popular Nollywood actress, Cossy Ojiakor, who has found herself in pain after breaking her ankle. She has now gone for leg surgery and it was successful.

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We could recall, Cossy Ojiakor had revealed a few days ago how she was depressed, cried and broke her ankle after falling on herself. She had written: “I was depressed … I cried but hell no Cossy ain’t supposed to cry. I have come a long way… I don’t believe in black magic but as my cat look me bad eye … my heart skipped and I fell on top myself and broke my ankle…dead silly cat …, this my leg will heal and it must carry me to all the good places I love going to. God gat me so am back to my cheerful self ….”

Following this, Cossy Ojiakor was seen in a video being taken out of the surgery room as she was all thankful to God. She wrote: “I thank God for a successful surgery so now am a metallic cossy… got metals on my foot also am done posting about the dog dude…… till I get court papers. So for now…… I will concentrate on healing but hmmm boredom is bad ooo.”

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