‘My Husband Has To Have A Girlfriend’ – Popular Nollywood Actress Gives Shocking Reasons

People all around are having extramarital affairs these days, regardless of their socioeconomic background or location. You can’t help but wonder — Why? Something obviously went wrong somewhere. But what happens when your partner actually wants you to cheat? That is the case here with a popular Nollywood actress.

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Nollywood actress, Kudirat Ogunro, says she will allow her husband to have a girlfriend after their marriage in order to have a settled home. The versatile actress was in 2017, nominated for City People Movie Award for Best Upcoming Actress of the Year (Yoruba). On Friday in Abuja, she said that men are, by nature, polygamous and went on to advise women to stop deceiving themselves by trying to wholly own their husbands.

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She said, “I’m not a jealous lover. In fact, when I get married, my husband has to have a girlfriend. That’s how my home can be settled and peaceful instead of him telling me ‘it’s only you baby’. No, I don’t believe in those words. I’m very serious. Men are polygamous by nature; so don’t let us fool ourselves.”

If you suspect that your spouse is having an affair and want to address the issue to salvage your marriage, do not to be rash. Handle the situation delicately and avoid head-on confrontations or pointing fingers especially even before your suspicions have been confirmed. Extramarital affairs don’t just happen overnight. They often stem from overall marital dissatisfaction and existing marital issues such as a lack of openness or communication.

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At this point, it is crucial that couples try to be open to sharing and be willing to listen. As you approach your spouse, avoid any accusations or raising your voice. Instead, share how his or her behaviour has been affecting you and how you feel about your marriage. Encourage your spouse to share his or her thoughts too and seek to understand each other.

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You may also choose to speak with a professional counselor for advice and to discover the issues which may be affecting your marriage. In addition, a counselor would be able to help facilitate deeper conversations and sharing between you and your spouse which would aid in a higher chance of reconciliation.

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