B#sty Nollywood Actress, Cossy Orjiakor Shares Her HIV Test Result; Nigerians React

Popular and controversial Nollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakor, has come out to deny reports that she tested positive to the HIV virus. Recently, there was a rumour which had it that she is HIV positive. The rumour didn’t went well with Cossy who insinuated that the source was from no other person but one of her frenemies, Actress Halima Abubakar.

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In order to clear the air, Cossy Orjiakor on the 12th of July 2019, went for an HIV screening which was conducted at General hospital Lagos State and from the result, she is HIV negative. Mostly known for her s*><appeal, she took to her Instagram page to announce that she was not HIV positive and share the proof with her fans.

She wrote, “Lagos State General hospital test result as of today 12/07/19. Cossy Orjiakor is hiv-ve…when people carry rumours about you God affiliate them with their own. Pls tag @halimabubakar I dare her to go to a general hospital and do hers it is free. And this cat story is taking a bad twist the cat is dead so shall be the plans of my enemies… I know all of them by name… because am too blessed to be stressed… imagine just me…cat…fish..now I have to do surgery in my leg. Wicked useless people… as per the age…I can’t walk so my girly @_iamtatariche wrote 30… I corrected that already in my other forms.”

Her fans trooped to her comment section to

“francischidoosky: @cossyojiakor I already told @Halimabubakar what you said ,so she need to prove to us that she is also negative.”

“officialtega: Ur post is so so stupid @cossyojiakor so u mean people with HIV are not humans with the level of your Mentality as a celeb, you should not be doing this, how do u want the people to feel more over most persons didn’t get it through S*>< , please they are people like u,,, ur kind make it difficult for people living with it to come out of shame ,because people like you stigmatize them.”

“oyiza89: Where was Halima name mentioned? Is she the only friend you have??? Those friends you trust so much might be the enemy you have.”

“login_stores: @cossyojiakor dear you owe no man any apology, once your heart and hands are pure and you know yourself, go on baby. Enemies has told the lies that will end up favoring you.”

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