Regina Daniels’ Step-son Promises To Break Voodoo She Allegedly Used On Ned Nwoko

Since Regina Daniels’ marriage to 59-year-old Ned Nwoko went viral, the gossip mill has been spinning fresh tales about every action she takes. She seems to be embroiled in another tough battle with Ned Nwoko’s alleged son, Emzy.
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Actress Regina Daniels’ step son seems to know what everyone else know nothing about and has launched an offensive on her online. Regina posted a pictured and used a seemingly innocent caption. Check out the picture below:

Immediately, an Instagram handle purportedly owned by Ned Nwoko’s son, Emzy took to the comment section to troll her. He said: “Lolz Love? Money Love? You are perfectly loved because you know what you people did to him, but I will definitely destroy the juju soon. Just enjoy it while it lasts.”
Even when a fellow comenter tried to caution him, he blatantly ignored her and then took to his own page to say: “You are perfectly loved because you know what you people did to him, but I will defeinitely destroy it soon. Everything has an end date. Voodoo people. Tell your jaz man ‘en otumoko’ reach o. Chill baby girl.”
Recall that that few days ago, a chat between Emzy and Regina Daniels went round. The Regina Daniel’s account however, was later discovered to be from a fake account. In the chat, ‘Regina’ spoke to Emzy in a very rude and disrespectful way and pratically challeneged him on the different news reports he had been feeding to the public. In reply, Emzy declared that he is the rightful owner of all his father’s wealth and assets. Check out the chat below:

This is not the first time Regina is being accused of using Voodoo on Ned by an alleged family member. Just some time ago, Regina Daniels posted photos of the brand new Mercedes Benz car her husband , Senator Elect, Ned Nwoko, bought for her with plate number “4 EVER 16”.
That gesture was allegedly not well received by one of the wives of the Delta State billionaire, Lina Nwoko. She allegedly went on to Regina’s Instagram page to assault the Nollywood on-screen character with the caption: “Your voodoo will fail you soon and my husband will collect all he has given to you and you shall be disgrace”. 

At a point, reports made the rounds that the new young spouse of Nigerian billionaire, Ned Nwoko, Regina Daniels is at loggerheads with his older wives. This was quickly hushed as the billionaire’s image consultant has come out to reveal that the reports were faux. His image consultant, Karifest ‘Duchess’ Onyeka, in a chat with Sunday Scoop, said the reports that the billionaire’s older wives have ganged up against Regina is nothing but a “big fat lie”.

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Since Regina Daniel’s marriage to Ned Nwoko took place, she has been making waves and has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In addition to the announcement of Regina’s latest movie, it has been reported that Nollywood actress and billionaire wife has been appointed as the Youth Ambassador of the Super Eagles Supporters Club. Nigerians have attested all these achievements to the fact that her aged husband’s wealth is paving way for her. In addition, the mere fact that her mother, Rita Daniels is producing a new movie just weeks after their marriage has convinced many that Regina was made to marry Ned Nwoko for his money in spite of his old age.


We can only wait for events to unfold before knowing the real truth. Please share your thoughts on this with us in the comment section below.

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