‘I Won’t Stop Dating My Sugar Daddy’ – See The Popular Actress Who Opened Up On This (Video)

Women, nowadays, who want to live a good life with all the big homes, the jaw-dropping walk-in closets, the well-dressed help, and those gorgeous cars (along with all the plastic surgery that money can buy) more often than not choose partners who can provide them with their kind of a lifestyle. An actress recently opened up on her sugar daddy and what he has been giving to her.Related image

Many female celebrities these days choose to have older men as their sugar daddies, were fairly rich in their own right. You have to agree that some of these ladies really wanted the money, and the men really wanted to dangle beautiful ladies on their aging arms. These sugar daddies take care of their sugar babies very well, providing them with beautiful. Popular Ghanaian actress actress and producer, Tracey Boakye in an interview, stated that she won’t stop dating her sugar daddy because of what people say on social media.

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Tracey Boakye, who admitted that she is still in a relationship with her sugar daddy who she won’t stop dating, further revealed that he is the one financing her businesses. According to her, since people found nothing wrong in flaunting their overly made-up faces on social media, she wouldn’t stop showing off her mansion. When asked why she is still dating a sugar daddy, she answered that marriage isn’t the solution to adultery. Here is a video of the interview below;


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Sugar daddy’s headmistress..smh

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It seems it has become a trend for some Ghanaian ladies as they keep ditching less wealthy or poor guys to date the richer ones who can help them realize their dreams. According to Tracey Boakye in March 2019, she came from a poor background and wouldn’t risk continuing to live in poverty; thus her reason she wouldn’t date a poor guy who would rather drain her but would date a wealthy man who will take good care of her. She revealed that she has built a house for herself through the help of these men and would always date somebody who also owns a house like hers or far better than her.

The Ghanaian actress also revealed that she was dating a man 20 years older than her and she was happy in the relationship. Tracy Boakye said that the most important thing for her in any relationship she enters is to be sure that the man is not married. As such, once her sugar daddy is not a married man, which makes her ‘His Only Chick’, she has no qualms with anybody who has any negative comments to make about her.

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