” If nobody talks about you, then you are nobody” Regina Daniels finally speaks out

Regina Daniels uploaded a photo where she rocked a camouflage outfit and a gorgeous purple hair. The most captivating part of the post however was the caption that followed it. The young billonaire wrote  “If nobody talks about you then you are nobody………nobody…………………( in 2face’s voice)”

Even thought his comment is seemignly directed at no one, it still finds a way to address everyone at the same time. The actress has trended more an any other celebrity in 2019. She’s been on the news steadily and fans are defending and bashing almost simultaneously. This caption therefore seems like shade. She’s on the hearts and minds of everyone because she is somebody and not just somebody, but now somebody’s wife.

Her financial status  cannot be disputed, she has been flaunting and spending Nigerian Actress, Regina Daniels, who recently married billionaire Ned Nwoko, has taken to Instagram account to share a picture where she posed with her husband’s Lamborghini Aventador. Once again, she’s proving that she has no time for haters, but keeps dwelling in riches and self love.

See photos below…

About a month ago, the Latest billionaire wife  was spotted in Abuja cruising a red Ferrari, owned by her husband Ned Nwoko,at that time, her  allegedly pregnancy was all over the news and she was said to be preparing for her  high class billionaire traditional wedding. Nigerian reactions were pouring in to insult her and also to congratulate her. Nobody is keeping calm anymore!

She has been taking bold steps when it comes to acquisition of properties in recent times. From buying a Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic and ML350 for herself to gifting Her Mum a mansion in Abuja.

It didn’t end there; she’s been taking taking pictures in exotic cars like convertible Ferrari and Rolls Royce Wraith and even inside a private jet. This time around,  she acquired a Gwagon SUV; it’s not just an ordinary Gwagon,  it’s a Brabus.

The young star is determined to enjoy her time and one thing is for sure, she’s going to keep on trending

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