NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS!! “I Will Only Sign Autographs On Single Ladies’ Boobs In 2019” – Popular Nigerian Musician Declares 

For singer Ash, the only spots he can sign autographs are on single women’s breasts and this is because women rule the world and he enjoys spending time with them. In an encounter with reporters, the Dubai-based singer stated that he usually got music ideas and inspiration from women.

I can only sign autographs on single women’s breasts - Ash lailasnews 2

He said, “We are in a world dominated by women; they are full of emotions and energy. As an artiste, you can never write enough about women.” The up and coming singer also noted that his female fans had done a lot of crazy things to express their love for his music.



He said: “There was a time a lady drew a massive tattoo of my name on her arm. If a lady is single and wants me to sign an autograph on her breast, it is not a big deal. But I will never do the same to married women; I respect marriage.” Describing his music as a combination of soul and afro-pop, he boasted that his music was different from what most people were used to in Nigeria. “I do music for the love and pleasure of it. I have lived in Dubai for 10 years and I have achieved quite a lot there as a musician. My plan now is to make a big impact on the Nigerian music scene,” he added.



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