“I detest any man or government that supports child marriage”, Actress Shan George

Actress Shan George has reacted to the viral photos of a 70-year-old man that got married to a 15-year-old girl in Niger state. Sharing a photo from the wedding on her Instagram page, George expressed her disgust at any man or government that supports child marriage.

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Read what she wrote below:
‘My heart cant stop bleeding since I saw this wedding pix yesterday, I detest any Man, Woman, Religion, Govt, Tradition or Anything under the Earth that would put a child like this under this kind of Eternal Emotional, Psycological and Physical Turture in d name of Marriage. If this used to be ok during the Stone Age for whatever reason, Now is the time to stop this HORROR. Poor child, I cant deal, i’m traumatised”.

Recall that Shan George had told critics that were condemning her support for Atiku and Peter Obi in the forthcoming 2019 presidential election to electrocute themselves if they are not satisfied with her choice for presidency.

She responded to barrage of swipes thrown at her since she declared support for Atiku and Peter Obi, she advised her critics to either support candidates of their choice or electrocute themselves if they can’t live with her decision.

Image result for shan georgeShe wrote,“ badbelle and high bp wan kill some people. Atiku/obi na my choice O. Go support ur own candidate. Many other great Candidates full ground to chose from, If u abuse ur father here from now till next year, e no change anytin.

“If e too pain u abeg go hug transformer. Calling me names is not what would make ur own candidate win. Recieve sense and get #atikuobilated #atikulated #atiku #obi #atikuabubakar #atikuobi2019 #presidency #elections#nigeria #presidentialalert”.

Definately Shan George detests the present government.