Sonia Ogbonna sends STRANGE warning!!

Ik Ogbonna’s embattled wife, Sonia, insists that one must not follow everything being taught by his or her parents.

See her post below:

Sonia Ogbonna Morales. She is from Columbia. She was born on the 19th of January, 1991. She is the eldest of three children the only girl. She spent most of her early life in France, Holland, and Serbia as she moved a lot because of her education. She attended the University of Belgrade in the Republic of Serbia.

She studied Psychology and Sociology at the Department of Social Policy in the Faculty of Political Science. She has a Master’s degree in Development of Third World Countries. She has worked as a translator. She can speak five languages fluently including Pidgin English.

Sonia is an ambassador of DFNG’ clothing line from London. She does some modeling from time to time. Sonia Ogbonna is a life coach, a blogger, and a relationship expert. She is a public relations executive at Motherland Beckons.

Sonia Ogbonna met IK Ogbonna while she was still studying through a mutual friend named Oma. The friend gave IK Ogbonna her Instagram ID, and from there they started talking.

They have a child together though there have been rumours making rounds that both significant others are having issues with their marriage.

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