ONE MAN, TWO WOMEN, THREE KIDS!!! Flavour on His Illustrious Musical Journey

The Nigerian music man, loved by many for his commanding voice and sexy demeanor,  Flavour N’abania returns to Coke Studio Africa on it’s fourth season this year. For the first time he will be paired with a male artiste, Angola’s Yuri Da Cunha of the Atchu Tchutcha fame. When Flavour took over Coca-Cola’s official Facebook page in a live broadcast to answer his fans’ questions, he revealed a lot regarding this collaboration. Here’s that and more on the different tastes of Mr. N’abania:

Mr. Music Man.

The self-professed shy man confesses that music has allowed him to be more open to his fans: “I can’t be shy when I am talking to my fans.”

He also revealed that music has brought him closer to God. “There are songs that I have written and I never thought I would ever write and for me to do that I knew there is a mighty shield above me.”

On collaborations with Kenyan musicians, he confirmed that he has been eyeing Sauti Sol and Nameless:  “They are good guys and I follow their steps.”

Mr. Business Minded

He says that music has given him access to the world of business. “Music has improved me as a human being and made me more [receptive] to business. Now I am more open to opportunities and have exposure.” He added that music business comes with traveling far and wide – perks of the job indeed.

Mr. Original Flavour

When a fan asked the meaning behind his stage name Flavour, his first response was a hearty laugh before he said: “They should know!” He went on to explain how he ended up picking the stage name.

“I got it from way back when I was about 15 years old, and playing piano in a band. At that time I didn’t go by any name. When the band members were being introduced, they would always ask what to call me. [At the same time], there was a great fan of ours called Flavour who always attended our concerts and came to show love. As a young guy I felt like if I had my way, I’d be like Flavour because he inspired me with his [feel-good vibes] so the next time they did an introduction I told them to refer to me just as Flavour.” He jokes that he is now the original Flavour.

Mr. Lover of Soccer

Flavour praises soccer as the only sport that could ever rival his love for music. “I wish I could play soccer. I can’t concentrate on soccer now because of music; imagine if I break my leg or arm – I won’t be able to perform like I do and show my fans love.”

Mr. Tough Love

Flavour gave some good advice to all the upcoming artistes: “It’s all on you – nobody will do anything for you. It’s tough but you have to accept it. Even if someone does anything for you – they will need to reap on that so do not give up on yourself. Despite negativity, start building yourself.”

He concluded by stating that charity work is something else that is dear to his heart. “It’s always a part of me and as I travel to different countries I make sure to connect with different charities.”

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