5 Yoruba movie couples you don’t know are married in real life

There are five couples that are prominent faces in many Yoruba movies but are not known to most of their fans as couple.

Though these actors and actresses met on the job in different circumstances, these couples are legally married and have been married for many years – with the least being eight years.

Interestingly many of the colleagues of these couples know that they are married but for some reasons unknown, fans don’t know.

Here’s a list of five couples in Yoruba movies who you never knew were married

1. Toyin Adewale and Sunday Adewale

Toyin Adewale is one of the older actresses that knows her onion. Aside being an established actress and producer, Toyin had combined event planning and catering with her career as an actress. Toyin is married to Sunday Adewale, a rarely seen actor that combines movie directing with scriptwriting. Toyin and Sunday, who are currently based in the United States of America, are the parents of DMW star, Mayorkun.

2. Ojopagogo and Moji Afolayan

5 Yoruba movie couples you don't know

Razak Olayiwola is widely referred to as Ojopagogo by fans of Yoruba movies. He got the name after playing the role of an aged man in a movie a decade ago. Ojopagogo is married to Moji Afolayan, one of the daughters of late Ade Afolayan, Ade Love. Moji Afolayan is an actress and producer with several movies to her credit. The couple, like the Baloguns met on the job over a decade ago and have since been married. Ojopagogo, however, had a daughter with another woman before marrying Moji.

3. Madam Saje and Rafiu Balogun

One of the popular faces in Yoruba movies is Fausat Balogun a.k.a Madam Saje. Unknown to many fans, she is married to an actor, scriptwriter and movie producer, Rafiu Balogun. Rafiu and Fausat Balogun met in the industry over three decades back and had gotten married. The couple are prominent figures in the scope of things in Odunfa caucus.

4. Princess Lanko and No Network

Adeola Shoremi, who is widely referred to as Princess Lanko omoba Dubai is another popular face who is married to his colleague, Kudirat Shoremi aka No Network. Though these two are said to have met outside Nollywood, they have become one hilarious pair in several Yoruba movies.

5. Afeez Eniola and Omo Jo Ibo

Eniola Afeez, a popular movie producer, actor and script writer, who cut his teeth working with Muyiwa Ademola, is married to another ‘Jenifa’ actress, Esther Kalejaye a.k.a Omo Jo ibo. This pair are one prominent pair in Yoruba movies because aside taking up characters in movies, they also work behind the cameras. While Afeez works as location manager and continuity manager, Esther works as costumier on movie sets.

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