Juliet Ibrahim dishes out relationship advice after breakup with boyfriend

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim is worried and has dished out relationship advice to men saying if a man refuses to take good care of his woman, someone else will surely do so.

Just a few months back, Ghanaian actress, Juilet Ibrahim was the only woman in love as she happily displayed her ex boyfriend, Iceberg Slim. The couple looked to be in a very healthy relationship in which they both adored each other. However, their love seems to have come to an end and Juilet’s recent posts sort of confirm that all is not well in their relationship.

Asides taking the new status of a relationship expert, Ibrahim airs some of her opinions on what a perfect relationship to be like and often times, she talking money. In a recent post, she opinionated men who don’t take care of their women because she’s independent are only making way for another man to step in and do it for him. Many fans immediately concluded she was shading her ex, Iceberg Slim:

According to her, ‘I do not understand Men who dont take care of their women, all in the name of “She’s independent”. If you don’t take care of her my brother someone else will’.

Juliet further buttressed her point in another post where she pointed how value truly works. Read her post below:

Juliet was born in Ghana to a Lebanese father and a Ghanaian/Liberian mother. She is the first child and has two sisters; Sonia, Nadia and a brother. Juliet along with her siblings spent the longest part of their childhood in Lebanon and Ivory Coast due to the war in Liberia. She had her primary education in Lebanon, then proceeded to Ivory Coast for her secondary education where she lived with her parents. She studied at the Ghana Institute of Languages , where she studied English, French and Spanish. She also studied Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at the Ghana Institute of Journalism. She can speak English, French and Spanish.

She made her acting debut in the 2005 film Crime to Christ starring Majid Michel. Juliet’s first Nollywood film was Yankee Boys and she has features in more than 50 films afterward. In 2014 she produced her first film Number One Fan, where she stars as an actress being stalked on by a fan in the film. Her 2nd movie ‘Shattered Romance’ which paraded Nigerian and Ghanaian actors, launched amidst fanfare in Accra, Ghana on the 5th of December 2014. Her new TV series; ‘Every Woman Has A Story’ where she debuted her directorial skills is airing on Terrestrial Tv and her new Reality Show, The Perfect Assistant, TPA will be unveiled soon. She has also featured in Twi movies, in Yoruba language films. and also a Hausa Language film Actress stars in 1st Hausa movie “Ladan Noma”

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