Check Out ​6 Apps Every Serious Entrepreneur Should Have On Their Phone

To be a successful entrepreneur,  there are certain things you need to adopt and start doing  to help improve efficiency in your business.  The world keeps evolving and has gradually grown into a global village. Interestingly, You don’t have to overwork yourself pertaining some certain tools to help  your business grow as everything is readily on your phone. With the help of specially designed apps, you can easily transact and manage your business without resorting to the conventional means. As an entrepreneur, quickly download these 6 apps on your phone so that you can join the moving train.
1. TED Videos App
Successful entrepreneurs all need  some inspirational push once in awhile, and TED which stands for technology, entertainment, and design is the best app to fall back to for such nudging. Second, if you need your daily dose and fix of motivation, then you better get on it. What does it have? More than 1000 inspirational and motivational videos of successful people who have been where you are now. So, what are you waiting for? Get the app on iOS and Android
2. LinkedIn
If you are a serious minded business owner, this app helps to connect you to other  like-minds who are also serious about their business.  The app which is for people who want  to network and meet business people. LinkedIn is like Tinder but for meeting business partners. Get on LinkedIn and use it to build your business and meet and connect with like-minded professionals. No need to go from place to place to meet partners, simply put on what you do on LinkedIn and let correct partners come to you.
3. DropBox
Dropbox is a useful app for sharing files with your PCs, your other devices and even other people. So, instead of carrying your file, flash drives, hard drives. All you need do is share your files to the internet, with your Dropbox. You can readily access those saved content from any of your synced devices. Dropbox is available for both iOS and Android.
4. Ever Note
Use Evernote to create digital notebooks for everything from managing your calendar and other plans. It does all the organization of your business expenses for you. It allows you to write and store notes, files, screenshot, record audio notes and access them from anywhere. The app is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.
5. Uber
You need a way to get around when your car won’t start or you’re running too late to take the bus. That’s exactly where Uber comes in to play. Book a cab to quickly and comfortably get to where you are going.
6. Hoot Suite
If you’re an entrepreneur in this our present time oh! You need an online presence and a brand. This is why you need to increase traffic on your website, social media platforms and publicize your business. According to thefamousblog, Managing your social media accounts can be quite exhausting, so you need Hootsuite to do all the posting, scheduling and managing for you. It’s available on iOS and Android.
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