#SayNoToXenophobia: Uproar On Social Media Over Continued Killings Of Nigerians In South Africa

Huge reactions are trailing the continued killings of Nigerians in South Africa. Nigerians based in South Africa have continued to be victims of repeated brutal attacks and killings from their South African brothers whom it seems are uncomfortable with the Nigerians in their midst.

The killings which as it stands is now taking huge proportion has seen Nigerians been set ablaze and their shops looted and burnt down may not end anytime soon as there are strong indications of more attacks in the days to come.

Nigerians on twitter have expressed different thoughts on the issue as different hashtags come to the fore like #SayNoToXenophobia and #XenophobicAttack.

Twitter user @official_nyraΒ  opined saying ”Nigerian Govt Supported SA at Anti Apartheid Back Then In 1994 And Now SA is killing Us #SayNoToXenophobia SA Stop The Killing Now” while @Ugaman01 said ”We are the youths today, we must take charge and work with our elders to solve issues. Let’s not take a back seat and wait for politicians in their 70s and 80s to fight alone. We must all join efforts today. #SayNoToXenophobia.

Still, another user @jbk41115770 said ”Say no to MTN, DSTV, & SHOPRITE #SayNoToXenophobia and @bash_yahaya said ”The time for #SayNoToXenophobia has passed they are a million and one ways to make ppl listen..it is time for us to show that the giant is not by mouth.”

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