WICKED! RCCG Pastor In Trouble As Muslim Son-In-Law Accuses Him Of Aborting His Child, Read All The Gory Details! 

A Redeemed Christian Church of God pastor is currently in trouble for allegedly killing the unborn child of his child.

The young Muslim man identified as Biola Olaolu has accused the father of his girlfriend who happens to be a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in the name of Barrister Dapo Esan of sedating his girlfriend and killing his unborn child.

According to him, he says he was set to settle down with Feyinfoluwa, who is daughter to an RCCG pastor in Ibadan but during the course of their courtship, she got pregnant.

The young man, Biola who is based in the US upon hearing this immediately journeyed down to Nigeria when he heard his woman was pregnant but upon getting home, was told that the parents had killed his unborn child.

The US-based Nigerian Muslim Biola Olaolu revealed some disturbing details surrounding his relationship with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor’s daughter in Bodija, Ibadan.

The young man was Speaking on the Daddy Freeze’s show, Olaolu, revealed that he had been in a relationship with Feyinfoluwa (daughter of RCCG pastor) while he was in the US. On one of his visits to Nigeria, they got together and she got pregnant for him.

The then 24-year-old called her boyfriend and informed him that she had taken in for him and they were expecting a child. Upon hearing this, Biola found his way back to Nigeria to be with his woman who he had planned to settle down with.

He said he was however shocked to find that her parents had done the worst thing to her. According to him, when he got to Ibadan, Nigeria, he found his way to her house and met her parents and later saw his girlfriend who revealed to him that her parents had taken her to the hospital, sedated her and allegedly aborted her child while she was heavily asleep.

After the abortion, Feyinfoluwa was taken home and locked in and had her phones ceased because her parents did not want her accessing Olaolu. When they eventually found their way to each other, she had been beaten and constantly abused.


He took her into his home and after a while, his home was attacked by armed men who arrested him and locked him up.

Biola and wife, Feyinfoluwa (Picture/UGC) Source: UGC

The couple are now begging that the parents let them be together as they now have a daughter and are legally married.


Meanwhile, the church members of the Malaysian RCCG parish were tagged as trouble makers, or better put, noise makers after they took to organising a vigil in the area. Of course, the very word ‘vigil’ means that they were praying and worshipping God at night.

This did not seem to go down well with the neighbours living in the area and it would seem like they called the cops on them.

The police appeared promptly and circulated the feeling of fear amongst the congregation. Quite a number of the church members took to their heels. But about six people were arrested by the police. This came after they raided the building.

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