Teachers Of Pupils Killed By Their Mum Lament Loss

Some teachers at the Nativity Private School, Makurdi, Benue State, where the three children of the Adetsavs attended could not hold back tears when our correspondent visited the school on Friday.
Recall that 35-year-old Rachael Adetsav caused confusion recently when she allegedly killed her 42-year- old husband, Nicholas Adetsav, and their three children before killing herself.
The family lived in a house located opposite NKST Vandeikya Street, High Level, Makurdi. The deceased couple were said to have met at Makurdi Local Government Area secretariat where the husband worked in the finance department while the wife worked in the agriculture department.
Before their tragic end last penultimate week, it was gathered that the couple usually fought and the neighbours couldn’t intervene because the husband asked them to stay out of their disagreements.
The school’s Assistant Headmistress, Mrs. Agatha Yawah, described the death of the three pupils as shocking, adding that the circumstance surrounding their death was pathetic and horrible.
She said, “When I first heard about the incident, I didn’t know that the children were from the school because I don’t know much about their mother because it was their father that usually brought them to school.
“The youngest one, Joshua, was in kindergarten. He was in crèche before he was promoted and the record in our schools shows that he was born in December, 2015. The three children attended the school. One was in primary two and the other one was in pre-primary. I will find out the class of the third one. When the one in primary two was in primary one, the teacher complained that the child was always restless. The small one was very friendly and he never misbehaved.
“This is beyond us because we have never heard of a thing like this. I kept wondering why it was only the father that was always coming to bring and pick up the children during school days.
“We pray for the family. We intend to visit the family members. On the day of their burial, the school will open half day,” Yaweh stated.
Mr. Adzenda Titus is the teacher of Blessing Nyivanger (Adetsav) who was seven. He said Blessing bore Nyivanger as her surname and as her class teacher, he taught her for a whole session, saying during the period, she was restless at a time but that the teachers were able to tackle the situation.
He described Blessing’s father as a good man who cared for his children. Titus said, “The father was a good person who was always interested in knowing the progress of his children. He made sure he saw me before taking his child. His wife came with him on the last open day and she spoke well to me. I felt shocked the pupil could be killed in that gruesome manner. I feel so sad about it.”
Also, Mrs. Udoh Agnes, who is the teacher of Joshua Nyivanger, said the kindergarten pupil would be three on December 9.
Agnes said Joshua was a very lovely child. She stated, “Even when you scold him, he would just smile. He loved people close to him as well as those who took him around.
“Joshua never wanted to stay in one place. He was a good child. I didn’t notice anything bad about him. He came to school happy last Wednesday. He threw the cover of his water bottle outside and when the father came and asked me about it, I asked him where he put it and he ran out to bring it.
“When I came to school this morning, I saw where Joshua usually sat down. I ran out of the class for more than three times until one of my colleagues noticed it and came to advise me to put myself together. I can’t believe Joshua is dead.”