BBNaija: You Won’t Believe The Secret Task Biggie Gave Frodd, Enkay, Cindy And Elozonam

Thanks to Big Brother, twists and turn have been prevalent in the BBNaija house, and he has just introduced a new one.

During Tuesday night’s diary session, Biggie entrusted Elozonam, Cindy, Enkay and Frodd with a huge secret that could affect the stay duration of the housemates.

According to the rules of the secret task which can be only shared with one other housemate, three Housemates have to spend a minimum of 1000 Bet9ja coins or all the housemates would have to lose half of their coins.

Now, these coins are very important for survival in the house. The Bet9ja Coins are awarded during special challenges and as a reward for individual outstanding performance. The Coins allow Housemates to buy any item of their choice throughout their stay in the House. To earn these coins, Housemates have to be at their best: from the Tasks, they work on to the special challenges that they will get to face in the House.

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Here are some of the things that Housemates will be able to buy with the coins:

  1. Fast food or takeaway meal: 600 Bet9ja Coins
  2. A spa treatment: 1000 Bet9ja Coins
  3. A secret room night with a friend: 1000 Bet9ja Coins

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  4. A Nomination card: 1500 Bet9ja Coins
  5. A Playback recording of a diary room nomination process: 1800 Bet9ja Coins
  6. Immunity from nomination for one week: 2000 Bet9ja Coins
  7. A letter from home: 2000 Bet9ja Coins

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  8. Veto Power position and privilege for a week: 2500 Bet9ja Coins
  9. HoH position and privilege for a week: 2500 Bet9ja Coins
  10. A video message from home: 2500 Bet9ja Coins
  11. Immunity from nomination for two weeks: 2750 Bet9ja Coins



What do you think would happen if Biggie takes half of each housemate’s coins? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

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