BBNaija: Check Out What Thelma Was Heard Saying About The Guys With Mercy And Diane

The 2019 Big Brother Naija reality show is getting more interesting as the housemates are finally getting the memo as to why a lot of people are watching the show; gossip. Thelma is slowly growing a reputation for gossiping in the house and as much as Nigerians want hot, peppery gist, they seem to dislike her version of it.

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Diane, Mercy and Thelma have an affinity for trading juicy gist about happenings in the House and Day 18’s gist was about their male Housemates. Thelma had some things to say about the guys though as she called them childish and expressed her thought on them just wanting to have fun with the ladies in the house without being serious.

She had been discussing the fact that Diane was caught in a love triangle between some of the guys in the house. She wished all the single girls in the House luck. Her words were, “All the guys are childish and they just want to have fun. The guys keep switching from one girl to the other.”

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Some fans of the show thought Thelma was just being a drama queen and was jealous because none of the guys have a crush or want a relationship with her like Mercy, who has Ike, Khafi, who has Gedoni and even Diane, who is confused because she has to shuffle between three guys in the house. Here are some comments gathered:

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“After listening to Thelma go on and on about having a boyfriend or not, after yesterday’s convo with Mercy and Diane, when she said all the guys in the house are childish, I think it is safe to that one of her major insecurities is that “no guy in the house has her time.”

“Thelma just and go sleep..they had to go on commercial break because of you.”

“”Y’all that don’t watch Tv…. what is Diane Tuoyo Thelma & Mercy Doing now???! After you’ll say it’s not gossip.”

“These ones are too careful about the cameras. See Thelma advising Diane.”

“It was Thelma that brought it up Diane said she doesn’t want to talk about it. Tweet the truth, some of us are watching too she’s not dying anything.”

“Aunty Diane, Mercy, Thelma and Uncle tuoyo… Loud your voices… I want to know who you guys are talking about..”

“Thelma is a fake friend to Diane. If you love her as a friend, you should have told her all you are saying now. I hate fake friends.”

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