BBNaija: Nigerians attack Biggie for evicting 4 ladies and no guy from the house (Video)

The recent eviction came as a shock to Nigerians fans, especially because the viewers weren’t expecting to lose two people from their beloved pepper dem gang. Biggie announced Ella’a eviction and shortly after, announced that Kim-Oprah will be leaving the house as well.

Nigerians are furious with the fact that four girls have been evicted in two weeks and all the guys are complete. We now have 7 girls and 10 guys on the show.

The OperaNews NG team took to the streets to find how Nigerians feel about the gender imbalance in the house.

Watch the video below…

Clearly, people are upset. Ladies are saying that Biggie should evict more of the guys and not the girls, because how can we watch only muscles and no succulent skin. The guys are saying konji na b@st@rd and the guys will suffer it soon.

Check out more reactions from social media…

It seems very unfair that only girls have been evicted, but what are the fans also doing? Why are we voting out our girls when we all no the show would be boring without any female to bring the pepper

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