The romance in the season four of the BBNaija reality show is rapidly heating up and housemates Khafi and Gedoni are currently in the lead. It appears being up for eviction once was enough to make Khafi and Gedoni finally acknowledge the growing chemistry between them.

The couple can’t seem to get their hands off each ever since they escaped being evicted and were seen recently in bed smooching and this eventually led to their first kiss.

For a couple of days now, these tow lovebirds of the BBNaija Pepper Dem gang have been spicing up our days with hot gist and their controversial romance. Isn’t this what they signed up for? But, who knows. Maybe it could also be a game. Well, 11 days in the House and a lot of hot drama is yet to be unleashed.

In the early morning of July 11. 2019, something fishy was noticed about some Housemates in love. Unlike the other Housemates who were known from the outset to have a thing for other male Housemates, Khafi’s sudden jack into the reality of affection has added spice to the House today. Seeing the British-accented Khafi under the sheet with Gedoni was a total game-changer from the norm and fans were glued to their screens.

From a glance, it didn’t look like just talk under the duvet, there seems to be more going on between the two. With Khafi placing a soft peck on Gedoni’s cheek, fans of the show had their popcorn and drink ready for the hot drama to unfold but alas, it was not to be. They covered themselves with the duvet and were busy touching and kissing underneath.

From the way both of them have been going on touching and moving close to each other these past few days, fans have an idea that both Housemates would probably get it on soon.

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The BBNaija couple seem to be winning the hearts of many BBNaija fans who have taken to social media to express joy and approval at their love. See some reactions below:

Could it be love? Would Gedoni eventually get lucky with Khafi? We shall see. Time will tell.