BBNAIJA LOVEBIRDS: Teddy A and Bambam’s Next Big Celebration Might Be Marriage

After the #BBNaija ‘Double Wahala’ show ended with a few romantic pairings, lovebirds and BBnaija ex-housemates, Teddy A and BamBam continued to get Nigerians emotional whenever details of their romance hit the public sphere.

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Teddy A and Bam Bam kept it real as housemates on the show, got evicted together and seemed like a couple that could be together for a while. Tope Adenibuyan, a former reality TV star professionally known as Teddy A, is definitely a ladies man. In the house, Teddy A constantly showed that he was the Alpha male. Many considered him to be a playboy who was very reckless with women despite being raised by a single mother. When he started getting romantically involved with Bambam, most Nigerians felt he was just ‘playing’ her, and that the relationship was bound to end immediately they stepped out of the house since he had the mother of his child outside waiting for him. Well, they proved all of us wrong!

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In fact, sometime ago, Bambam proved how big her heart was as she did something totally unexpected. Teddy A, took to Instagram to celebrate his baby mama, Dallas based Mauritanian, Layla Amani, on her birthday. He shared a charming photograph of her and said thanks to her for continually being there for him. He wrote: “Happy birthday Mama Jay, thank you for always being there for me and our lil man. This here’s to wish you God’s blessings eternally, have fun big head!” Bambam, his current flame, also took to her Instastories to wish Layla a happy birthday. Check out what she wrote below:

TeddyA wishes his babymama a happy birthday, slams trolls that attacked him for being with Bambam

Immediately Teddy A posted this, he was bashed by furious trolls who felt he dumped her to be with Bambam. As though he had been expecting the diss, Teddy A dished out his revenge immediately. See his reply to two trolls that attacked him for being in a relationship with Bambam instead of Layla below.

TeddyA wishes his babymama a happy birthday, slams trolls that attacked him for being with Bambam

TeddyA wishes his babymama a happy birthday, slams trolls that attacked him for being with Bambam


When BamBam turned 30-year-old earlier this year, Teddy A stopped at nothing in making the world realise he is her man. The singer took to his Instagram page to pen an adorable birthday message to her. He eulogized her by referring to her as the definition of beauty, substance, class, subtlety, eloquence, intelligence, intellect and maturity. He wrote:

Former BBNaija Housemate, Bam Bam, Celebrates Birthday With Rare Photos

The celebration did not only stop at that, as a video made the rounds on social media in which Teddy A was seen treating his heartthrob to breakfast in bed. In the video, a tray containing a jar of juice and some other food items were laid out in front of the celebrant who could not stop blushing. Also seen in the video is a musician who serenaded the environment with befitting music to further ease the moment into a fairy tale like feeling.

See the video below:


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Cheers to bambamat30 awww that was so sweet Teddy A and bambam we love u both #bambam30 #bamfam#keepingupwiththebamteddy

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So lovely, isn’t it? Recall that the BBNaija reality TV star, Bambam essentially shocked Nigerians when she said that she can give her boyfriend Teddy A her kidney in view of the love she has for him. As indicated by Bambam who celebrated her birthday days before saying this,  the way that Teddy A aced the lie detector test which examined him about their relationship during the BBNaija reunion show is enough to stamp the affection she has for him.

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In her own words: “Honestly, there is no relationship without its ups and downs or doubts; but that was a lie detector test; you can never know what is in the heart of anybody. I trust him with my life; I would give my left kidney or any other double organ I have to him. But you still have your shaky phase whether you like it or not. I wasn’t sure of what the lie detector test was going to say irrespective of how our relationship has been. When the answer came as positive, it influenced the peace I already have; it gave me more peace. I would advise the new big brother housemates not to try to imitate any of the old housemates. They should be themselves. I enjoyed myself in the house until people started stressing me about being fake. Even though I never knew where my relationship with Teddy A was going; I knew that I liked him and being with him gave me peace. I am someone who lives in the moment. I was consistent from the beginning to the end of the show,” she said.

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For some, giving a kidney to a companion or relative is far from being a straightforward decision. The possibility of separating with a kidney, regardless of how generous the donor might be, is normally an awkward one. For Bambam to even think of doing this shows that she truly believes Teddy A is ‘the one’ for her.

Image result for teddy a and bambamFunny enough, Teddy A, revealed that he did not like BamBam at first. He said this was because she acts like a “church girl.” The singer made the disclosure during the Big Brother Naija Reunion show. He however, stated that despite the initial dislike, he has grown to love BamBam. This, he said happened because they’ve gotten to know their differences and now respect each other. According to Teddy A, they now love each other genuinely.

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In his words: “At first, I never really liked the fact that Bam acts like a church girl, but we’ve come to understand each other’s differences and respect it and we genuinely love each other.”

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Recall that Teddy A was put to the test in the last episode of the BBNaija Reunion show where he was asked if BamBam was the one for him. Answering yes to the question, the polygraph test result corroborated with his answer which it revealed to be true. The fabulous couple both assured fans that their relationship is still on and expressed hope of getting married in future.

Of course, birthdays come once in a year for every human and it is a moment that helps in developing an attitude of gratitude for life, grace and growth. BBNaija’s Teddy A clocked a new age on June 6, 2019 and was specially celebrated. His girlfriend, Bambam, showed the world that their relationship is still going very strong and they are making the most of their lives as lovers. In a post shared on her verified Instagram, Bambam showered Teddy with sweet words as she wished him a happy birthday. She stated that the world has no idea what they have been through but their love makes her happy and she is grateful to have him as her strength, oxygen and passion. See what she wrote below:

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“Hey handsome(I love that I make you blush), Happy birthday papi, The world is blessed to have a rare beautiful soul as yourself. It’s truly been a journey we both have been on, one many may never ever understand. You are hard working fierce, resilient, stubborn! consistent yet soo soo tender. My gentle giant, as I so often call you… loving you makes me happy, the world ain’t seen nothing yet, they ain’t fully ready for your manifestation. My heart, my oxygen, my passion I love you daily and truly and will remain your ride or die, your Queen and your favorite song. Happy birthday my king…  @iamteddya can we start cashing in already, unbuilt empires await us” #happyalphamaleday #TAB#teddyabirthday @iamteddya”

Their love story is special and as you can see, quite different from any of the others that emerged and fell apart after leaving the house. This could be because they ooze a kind of maturity most of the 2018 housemates seemed to lack. It could also be a result of the fact that they stayed out of drama. Incoming housemates should sit up, and adopt their styles if they want to last long in the house and also leave with a kind of dignity that would award them contracts and the likes. Instead of having frivolous parties or engaging in nefarious affairs, Teddy A and Bambam have shown that they are strictly walking along the lines of the law and try to make the society better. In fact, days before celebrating this birthday, Teddy A and BamBam decided to pay a visit to the Maximum Prison in Kiri-kiri, Lagos, to spend time with inmates. The visit was a move to launch the BamTeddy Foundation on Teddy A’s birthday, June 6th, 2019.

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“It’s no exaggeration when i say i got the best family ever! I wanted to spend time with inmates at the maximum prison as part of my birthday celebration and the launch of The #BamTeddyFoundation to say thank you for a wonderful 2019 so far and to begin a new chapter in my journey. They came through for me like they’ve always done for the past 1 year,” he wrote on his Instagram page on Monday. I was able to donate different items to aid the work processes to help prison inmates make something of themselves when they get out to the real world. Trust me, i know what it’s like being incarcerated, it’s never a good feeling. The stigma, feelings of depression and isolation is one i do not wish upon anybody. Never take the freedom you have today for granted. FREEDOM IS PRICELESS!”


Freedom is indeed priceless and nothing is worthy of being traded for it. Young Nigerian men should learn from Teddy A, sticking with one lady and living along the laws of the land is an awesome way to live.

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