JUST IN: Truck Conveying Excreta Falls, Spills Content On Lagos Road (Pictures)

A truck conveying human waste on Monday morning lost control and fell on the Odo Iyalaro Bridge.

It was not a pretty sight as content from the trucks spilled on the road. The truck covered a large portion of the road and have caused a major traffic on the main road.

A team of Rapid Response Squad officials are currently at the scene to help out with the situation.

On its official Twitter page, the RRS posted the following:

“RRS officers assisting in traffic control on Odo Iyalaro Bridge where a truck conveying excreta 💩 🤧 fell and covered up a large portion of the road. Emergency responders are working to move the vehicle off the Bridge. Motorists are advised to drive with caution.”

See the tweet below:

See more pictures from the incident below:

Hopefully the situation is kept under control as soon as possible.

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