Top 10 Tech skills employers want to see on your resume

With the economy holding strong and unemployment staying low, employers are having a tougher time acquiring high-quality job candidates, according to Monster. Employers are looking for candidates with specific tech skills, and the right people aren’t handing in applications.

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Job search site Indeed examined data to determine which skills were in the highest demand by employers, based on the percentage of US/Nigeria tech jobs posted between October 2017 and October 2018. The job search engine scanned for skills most often included in the job listings, finding the top 10 skills Nigeria and US tech employers are trying to find.

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Here are the top skills employers are looking for, ranked by the percentage of job postings in the US within the tech category which contain each skill.

1. Java (18.72%)
2. JavaScript (15.99%)
3. SQL (13.29%)
4. .NET (11.77%)
5. HTML (11.32%)
6. Python (11.18%)
7. CSS (9.40%)
8. Microsoft SQL Server (9.39%)
9. Oracle (9.29%)
10. Amazon Web Service (8.54%)

Related imageThe skills contain a mixture of programming languages and cloud service expertise, which can be even more important than traditional education in some companies, according to Triplebyte. Studies consistently list Java, JavaScript, and Python as the most popular programming languages, so it’s no surprise employers are seeking out those proficiencies. For applicants looking to make themselves more marketable, learning any of these skills would prove extremely helpful in the job hunt.

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