Nigerians react to Dalung missing from Buhari’s ministerial list

President Muhammadu Buhari has submitted his 43-person list of ministerial nominees to the Senate on Tuesday (July 23) and one name which was conspicuously missing from the document sent to the National Assembly’s upper chambers is that of Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung.

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Dalung was made the Minister of Youth and Sports by President Buhari in 2015 having previously served in the Nigerian Prisons Service, the University of Jos as a lecturer and as Chairman of Langtang South Local Government in Plateau State.

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However, the law graduate’s tenure ended after four years and despite President Buhari getting reelected into office at the last general elections in February 2019, he has failed to make the president’s ministerial list.

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His absence from the list has sparked reactions on social media from Nigerians and here is what they had to say about Buhari’s decision to move on from Dalung whose tenure witnessed a number of controversies.

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Good decision, but things could get worse

These persons were delighted

Someone tried to imagine Dalung’s reaction at not making the list

Another person, another imagination

His failure to make the list comes after he had been reported to state he was going to be reappointed in the office

This person could not care less what Dalung gets up to, as long as it is not with the Sports Ministry

A great relief that Dalung is not on the list for this person

Trust Nigerians to begin making fun of the development

Dalung missing on the list caused a bit of an argument

While majority criticised Dalung, this person had a different view

Another person highlighted a commendable achievement in the Sports Ministry under Dalung’s tenure

Dalung works hard and deserves to be back in Buhari’s cabinet according to this comment

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It remains to be seen who will emerge as the new Minister of Sports in Nigeria but one thing is for sure, majority of sports fans in the country will now be hoping it is someone they prefer more than Dalung.

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What are your thoughts on Dalung not making the ministerial list? Share your views about this with us in the comment section.

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