“Klose”— a name which cannot be erased from World Cup history!

“Why do you like Klose?” This is actually a difficult question to answer. Probably because you can hardly find any of his shortcomings. At the same time, his life trajectory is like a bowl of natural chicken soup, and almost all the glittering points on him can be used as a model to follow. Unlike the football geniuses who are famous for their youth, Klose’s football career has never been a smooth one.

While other players have been seen as the star of the future shining on the stage of the youth team, Klose is still planning his own career as a painter; when Owen walked a thousand miles in the 1998 World Cup, he was similar to his age. Klose is undergoing vocational training for workers.

When Klozer first came to Germany, he basically couldn’t open his mouth, and he didn’t understand what others were saying. Only Klose could relax when he played. Also because he does not speak German, he almost became a masons. Klose’s German is not good. If he can’t go to middle school, he goes to a vocational and technical school to learn to paint the roof. In a physical education class, the coach taught him to flip forward, Klose quickly learned, and turned very stretched, and this action will become a memory for every fan in the future.


When Klose finally accidentally became a player with a professional contract, Ronaldo, who is two years older than him, has long been known worldwide with the aura of the world footballer. At the age of 16, Klose joined the Dedkopf team with the encouragement of his neighbors and began to play the amateur football league (7th league). In 1998, Klose went to the Humboldt team, and the level of the Biederkopf team was higher. However, in the year of the South German professional trials (40 to 20), Klose was defeated. At the end of 1998, Lozer entered the second-line team of Kaiserslautern, because Klose was lucky enough to meet Bremer and Rehhagel, and also gave Klose a chance to participate in the Bundesliga.


Most of the time, Klose’s career has only met people’s misunderstandings and troughs. The 23-year-old Klose was only an amateur player the previous year. He was recruited into the national team after playing for a few months in the professional league. Even in his own league and national team debut, he scored all goals. Not many people have noticed this young man. When he became the main force of the German team with his own efforts, many fans felt that the German team had no successor, and such a nameless pawn was also incumbent. Even after the World Cup in Korea and Japan became famous, some media criticized that he would only score a header and only scored insignificant goals in the game against the weak team, but he knew 17 of his previous season. There are 15 goals scored by the kick.


Even in the face of many misunderstandings and doubts, he has always chosen to silently accept and not to defend.

Klose had a habit. Before going to sleep every night, Klose would review the training content of the day. The light switch at home is the prop that he practiced shooting. So, four years later, Germany, his first four goals were scored by both feet, in the game against the favourite Argentina, he scored the most crucial equalizer goal.

When receiving the World Cup Golden Boot Award, he said: When you have a goal, please work towards it, you will succeed.

In 2003, he met Sylvia. At the end of 2004, he got married and soon gave birth to a pair of twin sons Luan and Noah. You rarely see the lace news about Klose, and even one of the reasons why he left Bremen is because of the disrespect of the fans and the media in Bremen – he believes that men after marriage should protect their wives as themselves. Important responsibilities.

For the son, he can get up at five to give the two children milk powder, change diapers, or stop making their own signature flip to celebrate the goal.


He said: “I have to reduce the number of flips, although I like this way of celebration. But my children often imitate my movements at home, and as a result they always hit things, even two people hit a piece.”

After becoming famous, he still maintains a normal heart and the original rhythm of life. He likes to take care of the garden when the weather is fine, or listen to music on the roof. In the bad weather, Klose would choose to play table tennis indoors and watch Nicholas Cage’s movie. Of course, there is fishing, which is his favorite way to relax.


The usual heart is also reflected on the court. He never treats himself as a superstar. After Lazio training, he will personally ran to the Ryukyu, which surprised many people. The newspaper emphasized this, and even the chairman of the team kept telling about it, but for him, this is a normal move.

I have always felt that Klose is a special idealistic existence. In the general environment of universal interests, he always chooses to respect the facts and pursue fair competition, so that he will refuse to take the penalty kick, even if he is trapped in himself. The same is true when the goal is desperate to regain confidence.

While still playing in Bremen, in a key league, Bremen, who played at home, couldn’t make a long break. At this time, Klose, who had entered the penalty area, was tripped by the goalkeeper. The referee did not hesitate to find the latter foul. And awarded Bremen a penalty, but at this time Klose got up and explained to the referee: the opponent’s goalkeeper first hit the ball when he hit the ball, so he should not take a penalty and should not get a yellow card. The referee retracted the initial penalty according to Klose’s statement.


As a result, he was awarded the German Sports Fair Competition Medal by the German Olympic Association in 2005 to honor the sports ethics that Klose showed in this competition.

Although he did not have him at this year’s World Cup, he is not young, but his iconic flip is always the memory of that era.

Why do we like Klose?

As a husband, he did his best to protect his wife; as a father, he set an example as a child; as a player, he was humble, diligent, self-disciplined, selfless…

Why can Klose have so many supporters?

Probably because of what we like, he has it.

he! “Klose” is a name that cannot be erased in the World Cup!