Pastor Adeboye’s Bombshell And What It Means For COZA’s Fatoyinbo

On Saturday, 6th of July 2019, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye trended on social media.

The reason for this was because of a sermon he had delivered where it was widely believed that he gave his reactions on the scandal which had engulfed the Senior Pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), Biodun Fatoyinbo, after celebrity photographer Busola Dakolo accused him of raping her as a teenager.

According to SAHARA REPORTERS, Pastor Adeboye as he spoke said that even though the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) had addressed the issue, it was imperative for him to as well speak on the matter.

“I don’t want to comment on some happenings. You know I have always told you when people ask me why don’t you talk? I say I am under authority. The Redeemed Christian Church of God belongs to CAN and we belong to PFN and in CAN we have a President, in PFN, we have a President.

“Whatever they say, that is what I have said. That is why I keep my mouth shut. But I feel compelled to say some things. To those who are young and upcoming ministers of God, everything I will say will be from the bible, Adeboye said.

The Redeemed Pastor said with emphasis that every man of God must runaway from lust which is especially tied to the youthful ones. He further said that everything that was hidden would eventually be brought out in the open.

“Number one, it is written, there is nothing hid that shall not come to the open or made manifest,” he said quoting Mark 4:22.

Adeboye explained that for anyone who carried out sin, especially under the cover of grace, their sin would eventually come to haunt them as is found in the bible at Numbers 32:23.

Going on, he said Jesus Christ himself who is considered to be the symbol of grace by Christians had himself said that everything will be brought out in the open.

The best course for one to take would be the one found at 1 Thessalonians 5:22, which said one should abstain from all sorts of evil, according to Adeboye.

Adeboye then quoted the bible book of 2Timothy 2:22 where the brible had admonished those facing lust which is characteristic to youth to flee from the tempting situation. As he said this, he emphasized that the point was not to fight the temptation but to run away from it.

“You know the meaning of flee?” he asked.

“Flee means to run away as a terror,” he continued. He further advised young pastors not to believe in themselves, calling attention to the case of Samson in the bible who fell to the trickery of Delilah.

Watch excerpts from the video of him giving the sermon below:

The Redeemed General Overseer threw a challenge to anyone who had a view which contradicts his to use the scriptures to prove their point.

“It doesn’t matter how long you think you have done something and it is covered. You think that it will never come to the open? Then you can go throw away your Bible,” the RCCG General Overseer had said.

He had however said something which caught the attention of many on social media as he spoke on the issue. Acknowledging that he was an old fashioned person, the Redeemed Church number one man revealed that he would never have a woman as a private secretary, as if one was to accuse a man of anything, no one would listen to you as a man, urging Young pastors to be wise.

“You may say I’m old fashioned, I agree.I’ll never have a private secretary who’s a woman.

“When a woman accuses you of something, nobody will listen to you whether you’re right or wrong; be wise!” he said.

What Adeboye’s Sermon Means For Fatoyinbo

Of course, the moment the words of the highly revered clergyman hit the Internet, many Nigerians gave their reactions.

The reactions poured in a whole lot as the admonition from the elderly pastor was coming on the heels of the scandal of the COZA pastor. Let us examine some of the statements of the Redeemed Pastor to draw our conclusions on what his sermon actually meant, especially for Fatoyinbo.

First, Adeboye was not actually trying to demonise the COZA pastor with his sermon, he was rather trying to give an advise to all young men who were considering entering the ministry to become pastors. His advice however came after the allegations against the COZA pastor put him in headlines for the wrong reasons.

In effect, it was a call to action for every young Christian man and what more, it is coming at the right time so many do not make the same mistake as the COZA Pastor allegedly had.

Twitter user @MOnwuase seems to agree with this view, see his tweet below:

Secondly, Pastor Adeboye was not in anyway trying to denigrate the female folk with his words when he said he couls never employ a female as his personal secretary. What he simply meant was that he would rather be careful than leave anything to chance. It is simply a case of, “if you know your weakness, do what’s best for you to avoid making serious mistakes.”

He as well meant no disrespect when he said, that if a woman accused a man of anything, she would be believed before the man. Women and children are usually viewed as being more fragile physically that the male folk, this was what it seems the Pastor was trying to point out with his statement.

Twitter user @nauzystan has the same viewpoint.

Thirdly, the message may not have been directed at the COZA Pastor to attack him, but it was indeed meant to make him do some soul searching and be honest with himself on his past actions.

If he had really carried out the act as alleged, would it make sense to continue to deny, especially using the guise of being an anointed man of God? As Adeboye had emphasized, it would be a major act of self deceit to continue to commit sinful acts, under the cover of grace as eventually everything would come out in the open.

This is exactly what the message of the clergyman would mean for the COZA Senior Pastor.

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