INTRIGUING VIDEO: Popular Pastor Use WWE Skills On Woman Seeking Deliverance

Disaster is the best expression for the menace that this so-called pastor has turned themselves too all in the name of religious acts and activities.

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Simple sanity seems to be blank form these fellows, as they indulge in several frivolous acts that raise the concerns of the public to question the integrity of their call and the very God they claim to be serving.

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Some Pentecostal pastors have been faulted of acting and doing severely weird things in the name of ministering to their congregation or members.

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In an old report on the 30th of April 2019, reports that a South Africa pastor gave Jik to his church members which 27 have been reported dead and 18 hospitalised for obeying the instruction of their pastors to drink Jik for the purpose of deliverance.

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Two nurses and four teachers have been recorded dead from the incidents. It was reported that the pastor told the members to drink the Jik that every evil spirit leaving in them would be flushed out of them.

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This occurrence according to report recalled that the acts of prophets in South Africa to clean people of the presence of devils and demons has been a concurrent occurrence in South Africa.

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Inhuman treatment of some cleric known as pastors or prophet of their church members and congregations as to some extent drive the attention of the public to call on the human rights to probe these clerics and probably caution or call them to order upon their acts that are violating human rights.

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SHOCKING VIDEO: Deliverance Turns Crazy! See What Pastor Does To Woman Seeking Help

A popular pastor from Onitsha who was on a viral for plundering the stomach of a woman with his microphone, while she was seated on a chair, was caught in another tragic video that has been tagged WWF by Daddy freeze in an Instagram post.

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The pastor carried the woman after shaking her head thoroughly in a rather sharp, rough and hard way, pulling the hair on her head in the process, PM News reports.

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It was reported that the service was a proposed deliverance service and the pastor through his wrestling strength performing deliverance for the woman.

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After, scrubbing her hair, which got her head dangling on her neck, the pastor as thou in a wrestling ring with an opponent contesting for a WWE championship belt, lifted the woman on his shoulder.

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There was a mixture of reactions from the congregation, some watched in awe, others in disbelieve, some kept mute, waiting for the end of the event, while some were making shouts that supported the acts the pastor was doing as justified. Some shouted in fear of the tragedy that might befall the woman if the event went hazy or she gets dangerously injured in the process.

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Lifting her on his shoulder, the man of God carried some feet away from where she was seated, and from the congregation, turning slightly, he jilted her up a bit on his shoulder to gain some form of balance, faced a row of empty plastic chairs, he lifted her as one who wants to place her on one of the chair, but in a rather shocking outcome, the pastor threw an almost 220 pounds woman on the empty plastic chair!.

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A mixture of silence and shouts erupted from the congregation as the woman lied helpless on the floor, gasping for air. The pastor as thou one that just defeated an opponent, wore on him a sheepish kind of smile, facing the congregation, who were raising their voices rejoicing at the acts of the man who supposedly just conquered a devil in the woman’s life who is still lying helpless on the ground.

Here’s The Video;

Reactions as since flooded the social media as regards the acts of the man of God who is displaying his masculine strength on a woman in a WWE kind of combat, who claim to be delivering her.

One Instagram user, by the name dockyardzz, said “This is pastor John Cena. This pastor need Brocks seriously because Na only Brocks go help those church people right now.”

Another user, nevadabridgepro, added: “Nahhh This crap has to stop, we can’t sit back and continue to watch these clowns make mockery of our faith! This so called pastor should be jailed for life.”

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