Where Is Daddy Freeze? Oyedepo Strikes, Reveals Where and How He Pays His Own Tithe

Occasion by question from many critics as regards how and where the founder and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, pays his tithe, the bishop has now responded.


Tithe for Christians, albeit has been hight controversial lately, is  one tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the Church and clergy.

If tithe is to support church and clergy, where and how does the clergy, let alone the found a a church pays their?

For Oyedepo, he takes his tithe straight to God in trailer loads.

Addressing his members at Cannaland, Ota in Ogun State, the clergyman said since 1982, he has not failed to pay his tithe.

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Oyedepo who is rated one of the richest Pastors in the world disclosed that from tithing, he has continued to prosper on all sides.

”You don’t have to steal to shine, you don’t have to rob to prosper. If it is pastoring/founding a church that makes people prosper, there are many pastors/church founders who are paupers.

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“You can’t go up except by tithing. From 1982 till date, my tithe hasn’t failed once; now I cart it to God in trailer loads,” he said.

This comes as Critic and founder of Free Nation movement, Daddy Freeze once again shared a damning verdict of the issue of tithe.

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Freeze, on his Instagram page was reacting to a video in which a comedian, Akpororo was changing the amount of fee to be paid for his show to free, in order to attract crowd.

According to Freeze, the same comedian insulted him and called him a wall gecko at the House of the Rock experience last December.

“Has his tithe stopped working for him or did he miss paying his tithe for a month? Although he cursed me and said hurtful things about me, I have forgiven him and have nothing but love for him and wish he stopped paying or advertising this idolatrous tithe and worshiped God for who he really is in spirit and truth (John 4:24),” he said.

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Freeze added: “paying tithe is idolatry and harlotry, it’s the worship of demons, the veneration of Mammon and the hero-worship of Satan who according to 2nd Corinthians 4:4, is the God of this world.

“Christ our high priest never collected tithes and neither did the disciples, who were our first bishops and GOs.”

Freeze challenged Christian scholars and pastors to show him a bible verse where any Christian paid tithe.

“I hereby challenge Christian scholars and pastors to kindly show a bible verse where any Christian paid tithe… It must be in the Bible now, abi? I hereby demand that they provide it or shut up.”

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