Zambia To Launch Qualifications Passport As TAZARA IS Set To be recapitalized

Zambia to launch Qualifications Passport

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A pre-pilot UNESCO Refugee Qualifications Passport aiming to help displaced people with missing qualification documents will be launched in Zambia this month, before the project is rolled out at a greater scale globally.

Four organisations – UNESCO, UNHCR, Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and the Zambian Qualifications Authority ZAQA – announced the project recently in New York City.

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TAZARA to be recapitalized-Ministers

The Council of Ministers from Zambia and Tanzania has resolved to finance the re-capitalization of the Tanzania-Zambia Railways.


During a meeting held in Dar-es-salaam, the Council of Ministers notes that the performance of Tazara remained below break-even point and therefore requires immediate action to improve the situation.

In a joint communique the Council Ministers notes the need to review the Tazara Act as it was nearing final conclusion and the Bilateral Agreement to pave way for the revision of the Act which will be signed by the end 2019.

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