Revealed: Real Reason DSS went after Sowore

Some revelations are coming out on the possible reasons why the Department of State Security Service arrested Omoyele Sowore in the early hours of Saturday August 3rd.

Sowore who is the brain behind the planned #RevolutionNow campaign which has been scheduled to take place on Monday 5th was arrested at about 1:25am although no official statement has been made by the government agency on the arrest.

However several individuals have alluded the action to his meeting with Nnamdi Kanu and subsequent boast to bring down Buhari’s government.

They say his purported meeting with Nnamdi Kanu, himself a man top on the list of the government’s most wanted persons for his leadership role in the clamour of the Indigenous People of Biafra for secession is in itself an indication that he has constituted himself into a rebel.

Many individuals reacting on twitter opine that the threat to unseat the government and intending to cause civil unrest is a treasonable offense and thus the DSS has acted in accordance with the law in arresting him.

Sowore is quoted as saying ”These people have no plan for us. They have no plan for this country. As a result we are going to take our destiny in our hands.

”So we came here today to give you a small bit of what will be aligning with our colleagues, other revolutionaries both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

A vocal tweeter user that goes by the name Dr. Guendouzi  further said ”We want to know what will visit us in the next few months and how he intends to end the DSS. Ýour right stops in front of my nose.

Below are some vocal tweets against Sowore and the planned #RevolutionNow protest:

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