Shi’ites Clash: Mother To Deceased Corp Member Reveals What Her Son Told Her Before He Died

The mother of Afolabi Owolabi, the corp member, who was killed in the shiites protest in Abuja has revealed to the press what her son said to her before he was killed.

Nothing less than six people had died from the unfortunate incident that had occurred between the Police and the IMN members.

DCP Usman Musa, a senior police officer, had been among those who had died in the clash.

Owolabi was buried in Wusasa cemetery, Zaria in Kaduna state on Thursday and is greatly mourned by family, friends and colleagues who showed  their sorrow at the early departure of the corp member.

Mrs Owolabi had revealed to the Nation that her son had told her that he would be famous and she had no idea that it would happen in his death.

She said, “He loved his books. If you are looking to for him, just go to his room, you will meet him either reading or writing.

“He used to tell us, he would become famous in life, but I never thought he meant to say, he would be famous in death.”