Presidency Speaks On Shi’ites Protests, Says An Olive Branch Has Been Offered

The Presidency has shown its displeasure at Nigerians accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of doing nothing about the insecurity situation in the country and has spoken on the inefficiency of such criticism,  and has also revealed that an olive branch has been offered to the Muslim religious sect known as  shi’ites.

Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant on Media, has said it is “absolute rubbish” that someone would sit in the comfort of his parlor” and criticize Buhari’s government over the insecurity issue.

Shehu had spoken about this on Sunday in an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today. He said that Buhari had achieved great results since he came into office in 2015

He said,  “Let me say to you that the criticism is very unfair to the military gentleman who fought for this country to remain one, a gentleman who is a father and grandfather. President Muhammadu Buhari is on top of the challenges but people have brought politics into everything in this country. There is political Boko Haram. People make political capital out of everything at the expense of the unity of the country.

“Security challenges had been present before the present administration took over. We have our own security challenges and we are dealing with it as decisively as we can, but the security challenges keep on changing. It is a dynamic situation.

In the past Boko Haram committed a lot of atrocities in this country. People could not go to church or mosque in some places in this country and hundreds were displaced and somebody would sit in the comfort of his parlour and say we are doing nothing. That is absolute rubbish.”

He also spoke on the continuous protest of the Shiites, who have demanded the release of  Ibrahim El-Zakzaky their leader.

Shehu said, “If the Shiites have read our statement correctly they would have seen an olive branch from that statement. What did the government say? That we are still open to dialogue and we are going to abide by the adjudication by the court of law. The Attorney General of the Federation said government no longer has a hand in the case.

“We expect them to concentrate their energy on the ongoing case in Kaduna. We cannot continue to tolerate the idea of sending women and young kids and use them to disrupt the activities of President Muhammadu Buhari and other leaders in this country. They think that will take them somewhere? No. They have to sit down and think about the best thing for themselves.”

“We have the capability to use force and overcome the violent protest of the Shiites. They should not push government to the wall. Persuasion is being employed and they should see that this is an administration that believes in dialogue. So, they should use the opportunity and seize the moment. If they decide otherwise and want to continue attacking the National Assembly and they think that the army and police are meek or powerless. They should not test the might of government,” he added.


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