Ex Biafra Soldier Soldier Reveals What Ruga Will Do To Nigeria

Colonel Emmanuel Nwobosi, a former Nigerian and Biafran soldier, has on Friday warned President Muhammadu Buhari against any move to implement the Ruga that it might lead to another civil war in the country.

The former soldier told the Sun that the president had failed to manage the nation’s affairs properly. He went ahead to warn that Ruga would either set Nigeria ablaze or bring it to his knees.

“The thing is that they said that if you don’t learn from the history of war of the past; something will repeat itself.

“That thing they said would repeat itself is what is about to happen now. The latest is with this Ruga, which would surely set Nigeria ablaze or bring it to its knees.

“Sometimes, I would like to think that Buhari has lost control of the Government like he said the other time that he didn’t know about the Ruga idea.

“If it’s true that he didn’t know about it; then he must be asleep on the wheels, if not, I would think that heads should have started rolling because this Ruga programme has given him such a bad name.

“It’s not easy to wipe it off and as if he’s not attempting to learn any lesson; the fact that Ruga is just about dying down, and they’ve started this one they said, is electronic registration of illegal aliens.

“I don’t think that one has come out in the media as Ruga; not too many people know about it. We are still talking about what was done and even more dangerous steps were being taken.

“I really don’t know because Buhari had been really very eager to go back to the seat after his military administration. He did everything; and there were different opinions as to why he continued trying.

“Some said; those who wanted to use him to achieve their aim were so dogged that even if he was tired or not ready to risk it; they were pushing him.

“I cannot imagine what is going on now; it’s either things have gone amok; he’s lost touch with reality or he is still in control but wants us to believe he’s lost touch.

“Whichever of them, it’s not good for the country.

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