Senators Remi Tinubu, Abbo’s heated arguement divides Nigerians

Nigerians are divided over the heated argument which ensued between Senators Remi Tinubu and Elisha Abbo during a committee hearing to investigate the latter’s assault on a woman in Abuja.

An aggregated comments on Twitter show that some people supported Tinubu while others said she should not have engaged the troubled Adamawa North Senator in an argument.

Samuel Okorie, a Twitter user said, “If anything, I thank God for how Remi Tinubu handled the Elijah Abbo Session I thought he knew how to slap women, he should have gotten up to slap her for threatening him with suspension It was a case of one bully meeting a bigger bully in the schoolyard. You get what you give.”

Another Twitter user alleged that Mrs Tinubu and Abbo were arrogant, “Remi Tinubu and Abbo are two arrogant people playing their default personality roles. They both bleed arrogance and pride. Each had a point, but wrongly & rudely passed,” Kolade Akeni said.

Kintan, who is worried about the stance of some Nigerians said “Nigeria is a backward country and one of the reasons why is because we forget the issue on ground and we focus on another. You guys were the one probing Senator Abbo few days ago. Today, Remi Tinubu is what’s on you guys lips again. The issue is senator Abbo.”

King Kore whose comment is more political tweeted, “This Remi Tinubu or whatever as disrespect a male senator before and she was also a senator at 41 and nobody bully her. They are just threatening sen abbo because he doesn’t belong to there party”

“Bro though his conduct at the sex toy shop going by dat video is totally not acceptable, but Mrs Remi Tinubu was rude, that we are youths doesn’t mean we should be treated with this “am your elder mindset” for I like the way he reminds them that the matter is in a reputable court,” another Twitter user said.

It’d be recalled that Abbo was caught in a viral video clip slapping an attendant at an adult toy shop in the FCT. Nigerians called for his prosecution for assault.

Nigeria Police Force invited him for questioning while the House of Senate through Senate President Ahmed Lawan said he would be investigated.

But at the first hearing with the Senate ad hoc committee set up to probe him, which has Sen. Sam Egwu (PDP-Ebonyi) as the chair, Remi Tinubu and other Senators, he bluntly told the committee members that no one could threaten him with suspension.

He reacted when Senator Tinubu said, ” What is going on with you affects us as a body. You don’t come in here and dictate to us the procedure we’re supposed to follow..”

“Do you want us to protect you, or do you want us to defend you, or you want to be on your own?

“Do you also realise that…off that mic and let me finish. Do you also realise that we can also suspend you?”

The last question drew the ire of the troubled Adamawa-born young politician, who responded saying he could not be threatened.

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