5 Things We Learned From Remi Tinubu Vs Elisha Abbo Face Off

The Elisha Abbo and Remi Tinubu face off during the sitting of the disciplinary committee meeting set-up to look into the allegation of assault involving first term and youngest senate member, Elisha Abbo.

However the proceeding and eventual face-off between the man in the eye of the storm, Elisha Abbo and a member and only woman on the committee, Mrs Remi Tinubu leaves much to be desired in terms of character and comportment of the Senator.

Several reactions have trailed the fall out but here are some pointers to note about the incidence which to a large extent puts the Senator in a very bad light and to a large extent shows his true person.


Here are some things to note; How many women are in the room? 2. The men cautioned the only woman in the room but didn’t caution the senator Abbo one bit. 3. To a large extent, Remi Tinubu was responding to him based on how he addressed the rest of them (of which the men agreed with her) but unfortunately he kept interrupting them.

Abbo, who appeared before his colleagues at exactly 3.15 p.m., told them that the matter was already before the court; hence he would not make comments that could amount to prejudice of the court process.

Notice how he raised his voice further the moment he saw the other senators were trying to calm Tinubu. Take into consideration that this is a investigative committee and he is there to answer questions. He shouldn’t have bothered honouring the invitation if he preferred not to speak on the issue.

The embattled asked members of the Senate investigative panel hearing his alleged case not to threaten him with suspension. This shouldn’t have been so, at this point when you are before the committee, you ought to comport yourself and play the dumb man. Apparently an entitlement mentality seeped all through him and this possibly was responsible for his initial reaction to brought about the entire saga in the first place.


The senate president constituted a committee to handle a case where a woman was assaulted and puts only one woman there. It shouldn’t be that difficult to get three women and three men in that room. These things matter, this guy will walk (write it down).

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