FFK To Arewa Youths, “30 days is too long, We are Waiting For You” After The Group Purportedly Issues Southerners Quit Notice Over RUGA

Former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to purported threat by the Arewa Youth Assembly, in response to the suspension of RUGA settlement by the Federal Government.

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The umbrella body of  northern youths was reported to have allegedly threatened to evict all southerners in the north within 30 days if the federal government doesn’t rescind its decision to suspend the RUGA settlements of Fulani herders in selected states of the federation.

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The FG had announced the RUGA – Rural Grazing Area- initiative in a bid to curb the incessant clashes between Fulani herders and host communities. The idea was to establish a grazing settlement for the herders in selected locations in the states to avoid indiscriminate pastoral activities.

But the government was forced to suspend the decision after it was greeted by a widespread criticism.

Angered by the news of its suspension, the Arewa youths then purportedly issued a 30-day Ultimatum to every southerner residing in the north to vacate unless RUGA is implemented.

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Reacting to purported threat, Chief Fani-Kayode warned the group the south was ready for them and even charged them to save the 30 days grace it had given and carry out their threat now.

According to him, a 30-day period was too long; “the sooner the dance begins the better, while warning the group they will “reap the whirlwind that you have sown”

“To the arewa youths who dared to say that every southerner must leave the north within 30 days unless. “RUGA” is implemented i say, stop the threats and just do it! the sooner this dance begins the better! 30 days is too long! you will reap the whirlwind that you have sown!

we are waiting for you!this time around we are ready.there will be no settlement and there will be no turning back!

macbeth said “i shall fight till the flesh be hacked from my bones and damned be he who first cries hold!”

between us,i say damned be he who first cries hold!”

This not the first time such a threat was coming from the Arewa Youths.

Recall that in 2017, the group had issued the Igbos a quit notice, in response to the regions call for secession – a notice they later withdrew.

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2 thoughts on “FFK To Arewa Youths, “30 days is too long, We are Waiting For You” After The Group Purportedly Issues Southerners Quit Notice Over RUGA

  1. The joy of 90% southerners is to break up the country called Nigeria,I’ll be happy if Arewa youths do as they said to watch an endless film.

  2. Chief Femi Fani-Kayode is absolutely on course. He has what ought to be the collective minds of all indigenous Southern Nigerians. The Federal Government-backed, daring Fulani herdsmen will meet their Waterloo once they come southward across the Rivers Niger and Benue. Let LORD’s heavenly hosts, the Cherubims and Seraphs will will for Southern Nigerians; the ancestral gods will fight for southern Nigerians. GOD created all living things, both Flora and Fauna. He gave man dominion over all animals and plants. He decreed that leaves, tree barks and roots be used for MEDICINE. Those who have the native knowledge should go ti work immediately. “Ewe ko nii sun’ko ma nyin l’owo.” Invocation of our ancestral spirits and powers shall be of effect and these very arrogant Hausa-Fulani criminals shall be DOOMED.

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