Dear Senator Elisha Abbo, Next Time Please Express Your Anger In This Manner

On Tuesday, 2nd of July 2019, a video was released by one of Nigeria’s leading news platform PREMIUM TIMES which showed Senator Elisha Abbo assaulting a lady at a shop in Abuja.

The Senator could be seen in the video screaming as he hit the lady a good number of times. At a point he tried to drag her out of the shop as he promised to deal with her. It was said that she was only trying to placate him from attacking the store owner before he channeled his anger at her and decided to rain his blows on her body.

As the lady who was later found to be a nursing mother was being ushered out of the shop, Senator Abbo could be seen warning the shop owner not to say anything, telling her he would have dealt with her if not that she was his friend.

Watch the video below to see for yourself:

The above description and the video itself, showed an angry man who had failed woefully to keep his rage in check.

The video would most likely be considered shocking to anyone who views it for the first time. Thus it came as no surprise that immediately the video hit the airwaves, it went viral.

The reactions that followed were not in any way in favour of the Adamawa Senator as he was lambasted by many for his inability to control his emotions.

He received condemnation from many quarters for his rash actions including; his political party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Presidential Candidate of the PDP in the recently concluded elections, Atiku Abubakar, who is incidentally from the same state as the Senator.

The Senate had also announced that it was going to invite the assaulted lady as it sets up an ad-hoc committee to carry out a probe into the incident and tender a report within two weeks. The Police in its reaction have said that it has opened investigation on the case following a directive from Mohammed Adamu the Inspector General of Police.

However, as the reactions and bashings continue to pour in, many seem to have missed the fact that the anger issues of the Senator may not be all bad after all. In fact it could actually be channeled to courses which may serve to advance the country. How can this be possible you may ask? Yeah, it may sound as a surprise to you, but let’s consider this seemingly unpopular notion and what he could focus his anger on, in details below.

Hunger And Poverty In The Land

It is no news that the country is caught in the thick hold of the much dreaded poverty. This has resulted to widespread hunger in the land. While there are Nigerians who are comfortable, the vast majority are not living in suitable conditions.

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In fact, the World Poverty Clock had towards the end of 2018, listed Nigeria as the Poverty Capital of the world. This goes to show the critical case of a country which only a few years ago had slipped into recession.

Many would have expected that a young and vibrant Senator such as Elisha Abbo would have been deeply disturbed about this ordeal and would have been thinking about how best he could push for bills or causes as a member of the Senate which would help to improve things. It seems however that those with these expectations may just have been disappointed with the actions of the Senator.

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Next time, the Senator should use that same fire in his anger to follow up on bills and awarded constituency projects to ensure that they are carried out.

More Opportunities For Youth In Governance

Elisha Abbo is the youngest Senator in the country. Being a young person himself, one would have expected that the Adamawa Senator would have a clear understanding of what the youths in the country are experiencing. Many had in fact looked up to Senator Abbo as a beacon of hope for youths in the country, especially in political matters.

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But this hope or expectations seems to have been shattered as the shocking actions of the Senator have taken us to the opposite direction.

This may be a really dark phase in the life of the Adamawa Senator but if and when he does come out of it, he would be expected to learn from his mistakes and channel his rage towards ensuring that young people like him should be given an opportunity to do more in pushing for the progress of the country.

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As well, he should use his passion to encourage youths not to shy away from taking major responsibilities in nation building as at the end of the day, every Nigerian citizen is a stakeholder in the country.

Protection of Children And Women Rights

This may seem an irony, especially with the case of his scandal in mind. But there is every possibility that if and when the Senator eventually bounces from the quagmire that he has found himself in, he would have learned his lesson, though in a hard way.

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He would be expected to be an advocate for the rights and welfare of children and women across the country.

Yes, he may have failed woefully in this regard at the moment as he was caught violating the rights of a defenseless women, but next time, the Senator would be expected to channel his youthful energy to ensure that the perceived most fragile people in the country are protected.

He would be in the best position to do this as he has seen firsthand the repercussions of acting otherwise.

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Dear Senator Elisha Abbo we would expecting all these and more from you in the coming months and years of your time as a distinguished Senator.

Best Wishes.

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