“Go Back To Your Seat, You Insulted Chinua Achebe Too” FFK Blasted For Defending Soyinka

Nigeria former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has been admonished for rebuking a young man who “disrespected” Noble Laurette, Wole Soyinka by asking the 80-year-old to vacate his allotted seat on a plane.

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Rivers Politician, Tonye Cole, had taken to Instagram on Monday to share an encounter between a man and Prof Soyinka; the young passenger had arrived later than prof – who had occupied his allotted seat-  and asked that his seat be vacated by the wrong occupant.

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The story sparked an overwhelming controversy on social media, attracting a lot of mixed reactions.

Reacting, Mr Fani-Kayode labelled the young man disrespectful and irreverent for not forfeiting his seat to an older Soyinka.

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“The young man that told 80-year-old Nobel Laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka to get up, move to the aisle and vacate the window seat for him on a commercial flight is disrespectful and irreverent. We know it is his right but it is not every right that u insist on exercising.#wolesoyinka” He tweeted.

Now responding to FFK’s remarks, new media aide to President Muhammadu Buhari, Tolu Ogunlesi slammed the Fani-Kayode suggesting he was a hypocrite while recounting how the ex-minister had insulted another literary giant,  late “things fall apart” author Chinua Achebe when the author rejected a national honour.

Mr Ogunlesi also recalled how Mr Fani-Kayode also had insulted the same Soyinka in the past.

“Says the man who in 2006 insulted the same Wole Soyinka anyhow because WS criticized OBJ. The man who insulted Chinua Achebe in 2004 because CA turned down a National Honour. Uncle Femi, please go back to your seat.” Tolu Tweeted.

Recall that on October 15, 2004, in an open letter to President Olusegun Obasanjo, Achebe promptly refused a national honour, citing the sorry situation of the country under Obasanjo’s administration, and in particular that of his home state Anambra, whose the then governor, Chris Ngige had been embroiled in local squabbles with Abuja-friendly political opponents of his.

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Fani-Kayode who denied Achebe’s claim that Nigeria was in a bad state under Obasanjo launched an attack of the author while responding to the letter of rejection on behalf of the government.

Femi Fani-Kayode had also in 2006 labelled Prof. Wole Soyinka a “distraction” for criticizing the government of his boss, Obasanjo.

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One thought on ““Go Back To Your Seat, You Insulted Chinua Achebe Too” FFK Blasted For Defending Soyinka

  1. Fellow Nigerian we should stop dragging irrelevant issues any one that want to enjoy his old age should learn how to respect elders beside maybe the young man has never heard what transpired between late Benson idahosa and alhaji aliko dangote let a close experience person open his ear the owner of today is not the owner of tomorrow …..

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