Nigerians React To Trending Billboard Labelling Buhari “A Criminal’

Nigerians are reacting to a campaign billboard of President Muhammadu Buhari with the inscription “I’m a criminal”

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The image shared by Deji Adeyanju on twitter showed that people who are no fans of the president may have tampered with the billboard which was originally inscribed with Buhari’s 4+4 campaign mantra.

“See what I just saw at Eagle Square in Abuja”

The 4+ 4 mantra principally drives home the point that Buhari deserves a mandate renewal with the expiration of his first mandate in February 2019. He came to power in 2015 beating the then incumbent Goodluck Jonathan.

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Then after elections are over, those who still feel disgruntled about Buhari’s reelection may have taken it a little to farther by adding unwanted message to the 4+4.

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