The 9th National Assembly And What They Must Never Forget

A new National Assembly has emerged and there are certain things that they must not forget and take into cognizance if they are to move the nation from the absolute quagmire in which we find ourselves. It is quite paramount that the principle of separation of powers is upheld. The legislative, executive and judiciary have been held by this principle and it has been the rein keeping every arm in place.

This tool of checks and balances serve as a method of stopping one arm from exerting too much powers on another arm. It is therefore imperative to have in place an independent judiciary and legislature that can curb the excessive tendencies that the executive might be prone to in its polity.

This is what is expected of a democratic society, and anything short of this is an absolute death to the very root that Nigeria has been built on.  Any government who is operating with the total control of the legislative and judicial arms of government, should be approached with care and absolute distrust as you would a sleeping lion.

There have been newly elected lawmakers and returning lawmakers and we are very much hopeful that they will be able to perform their functions towards moving the country forward in all ramifications. It is very paramount that the 9th assembly remember always that it is key that they remain independent in making political decisions. It is very much important that the contributions of the legislature be guided by the ‘principles of  rule of law’ which will lead to the provision of good governance and move the country forward. It is definitely not an overstatement to say that all issues should be viewed patriotically for the collective interest of the nation.

Members who indulge in antics of passing the bulk of the blame on the desk of others in order to be seen as saints and friends of the executives or champions of the opposition should be avoided and their excesses curtailed.

The National Assembly is well known as the engine room of the democratic government, though these lawmakers have been elected on the platforms of their respective political parties, it should become totally immaterial and be the primary focus of putting the interest of the nation first. The loyalty of the lawmakers should lie absolutely with no one else but the country.

It is therefore paramount that the members of the National Assembly have it at the back of their minds that they will be held jointly for the smooth running of this unique arm of government. This is the reason why all hands must be on deck to move the country as true representatives of the people, who are ready to do all it takes to make sure Nigeria becomes better. The issue of insecurity in the North East and other region is not just a problem of the region that is involved but it is the problem of the country as a whole. It is therefore of extreme  pertinence to note that  for the country to truly begin to experience peace, unity and developments  then issues have to be seen from objective and national perspectives rather than from myopic ethnic and religious angles.

The national assembly should therefore take it on themselves to always stand for the truth and endeavour to stay independent of the legislature and executive taking into cognizance that the fate of Nigeria’s economy lie in their very hand and whatever they choose to do could be a breeding ground for disaster or a promise of a bed of roses.

Law makers should be ready to work in any committee they are appointed into and should consequently put in as much zeal as possible in getting the job done, for when all these is achieved then and only then can we truly say that we are truly practising democracy.

The principal officers of the National Assembly should also ensure that people who are appointed into these committees should be done objectively and based on their skills and competence and not on favouritism or parochial partisan considerations. Committees that are constantly referred  to as juicy should be discontinued and totally eliminated as this can put ideas in some law makers head that it is an avenue to launder money and enrich their personal pockets, therefore the terminology should be totally eradicated within the four corners of the chambers.

Although it is quite true that a large amount of these law makers have been in power for several years and they are quite aware of the effect of their fundamental principles and functions on  the Nigerian democracy. But, even at that, the importance of their assertion cannot be totally waived. If all we needed were their past experience in government then such members would not have been made to re-contest elections and be validly re-elected into the house in the first place. Therefore it is not out of place to reiterate the importance of independence and integrity of the National Assembly and how so easily they can poison the roots on which the Nigeria democracy is built on.

Therefore, members of the  9th National assembly should consider the enormous sacrifice that has been put in place to attain our present uninterrupted democracy, and should make sure they do not create situations that will make a mockery of  all the jobs that have been done so far. Partisan sentiments , ethnic and religious bigotism and parochialism should be avoided.


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