2019 Senate Power Tussle! Why PDP Had Failed To Deliver

It is no news that Lawan is now the new Senate president of the National Assembly. The People’s Democratic Party had made a last minute endorsement of Ndume  at the 11th hour. They had surprisingly endorsed two law makers less than 24hrs to the election.

During the wee hours of Tuesday the leaders of the people Democratic party had urged it’s members to vote for Senator Ali  Ndume and Umar Mohammed  Bago as  Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representative respectively. The PDP must have suddenly awoken to the fact that perhaps a great destruction would begin to occur if the All Progressive Congress has the Legislature and the Executive under their beck and call. Perhaps, in a move to clearly contend the drawn out victory of Ahmed Lawan, they have made a move to back Ndume.

This was a decision that should have been made earlier, but  it was the last trick Ndume could pull out of his hat of magic. Unfortunately, it was put too late, for the ball had been set and there was nothing that could be done about it. The victory of 2015 when PDP acted in unison with some aggrieved members of the APC in the Senate to present Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara as Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives respectively had not turned out to be the same thing as 2019, for their plan had totally failed as Lawan had pulled 79 votes, while Ndume had a very shameful 28.

The failure had proceeded to the house of rep where PDP backed Bago could only gather 79 voters while  Gbajabiamila had a landslide victory of 283 votes. Unfortunately PDP had failed to come up with a plan B. What had actually gone wrong? Why had they failed to plan, were they so tied up with Atiku’s  case in court over Buhari that they failed to see that another slice of the cake was about to be taken from their grasp. It was quite clear that PDP had totally got burnt. Goje had been their backbone, their total plan, they had not seen the possibility of him withdrawing from the race. It was a wrong move , they had placed all their eggs in one basket. Goje stepped down and suddenly PDP was faced between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. They had to choose one, And they had.

and so Ndume became the better choice, or should i say the only choice. Despite trying their possible best by speaking to their colleagues in the red chamber to show him solidarity, the members decided to go for Lawan, knowing that he had more support, and it was way better to be on the winning side.

There were some  factors that made Lawan to emerge winner.  Lawan was his party choice for the senate presidency in 2015, however Saraki had beaten him to his game with his unquestionable political artistry. Even though the endorsement of the APC had played a great role in helping to achieve his goals, there cannot be overruled the effect of certain inducement to help smoothen the road and make things way easier for him.

Ndume had failed in true political diplomacy, he had relied mainly in the belief of himself or would I say in the belief of his being. Lawan, on the other hand had been ready to play ball, he had known the right button to press, the right thing to do, to get the job done.

Taking a critical look at Omo-Agege’s emergence as DSP, the APC truly showed that they will not be leaving any stones unturned, and this led to them taking hold of the seat in style. Senator Francis Alimikhena (APC, Edo North) had pulled out of the race 24 hrs to the election, it had been alleged that it had been due to pressure from  Adams Oshiomhole, who had preferred  Omo-Agege, who had successfully defeated his only opponent and immediate past DSP, Ike Ekweremadu. The reason for Oshiomhole support had allegedly stemmed from the fact that victory for Alimikhena would have led to more gunpowder being handed to those that wanted him removed as the chairman, because there could be major concern that the DSP and the Chairman were from Edo state.

Why had Ekweremadu failed?  Senator Ike Ekweremadu had been DSP twice to former Senate President David Mark and also to Bukola Saraki, obviously it seems that the Senate had gotten enough of him and wanted something new for a change. At the end of the balloting it had been no surprise that Ekweremadu had lost to Omo- Agege who was able to successfully poll 68 votes to the Enugu West representative’s 37.

The story of the PDP would have been totally different if the party had planned in time and and acted in harmony to present an absolutely formidable opponent. They obviously thought they stood a chance but unfortunately that was not the case. The All Progressive Congress had been ready, they had come prepared and they had delivered.



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