Buhari Speaks After Ahmad Lawan Victory, Reveals The Kind Of Legislature He Desires

President Buhari has revealed the kind of legislature he would be expecting the National Assembly to operate in the next four years. President Muhammadu  Buhari  has shown his pleasure at the National Assembly election by congratulating the leaders that were newly elected into the ninth assembly. The president had praised the way the election was conducted in a transparent and fair voting process, saying it was a sign that Nigeria had subscribed to true democracy.

Buhari had also implored the winners of the election to make sure they used their newly found power for the good of the country, also saying that the executive arm of govt does not want a rubber stamp legislature. He had later congratulated the presiding officers of the ninth national assembly. Ahmed Lawan senator representing Yobe had on Tuesday gotten elected the new Senate president with a land slide victory of 79 votes , while his opponent Ndume got 28 votes.

Femi Gbajabiamila also emerged as the speaker of the 9th House of Representatives, he polled 281 votes, against his opponent Umar Bago who had only pulled 76. Femi Adesina  special adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity had on Tuesday made a statement that the President was sending his goodwill to all the national legislators and also their political parties, admiring their sincere display of patriotism and non partisanship during and before the election.

The  President had in essence painted the arrival of the new leaders of the legislative arm of the Nigerian government as  a new dawn, saying it was different from the duplicity and perfidy of the immediate past. He had therefore charged all the winners to make sure Nigeria comes first at every point in time when they use the legislative bestowed power.

He had emphasized the need for the separation of powers, but also implored that there should be collaboration amongst the arms of government. He told the opposition not to be  virulent.

The president also implored those who had lost in the election to take the defeat in good faith, and join hands together with those that had come out victorious and avoid any show of vindictiveness.

He had said:

“At the end of the day, we, the people, who elected our representatives at the national level, are the winners,”


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